Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Where is everybody?

Well if you weren't at the concert last night, I'd be surprised. Given that it was approximately 500 degrees in the shade, of course half the civilized world showed up at Riverbend to dance, sing, eat drink and be merry....It was a great concert. We took my little sister for her birthday. It would have been even better if it wasn't like standing on Mercury, and even better than that if we'd had seats instead of being on the lawn. Oh well.

Turns out hubby works with a guy whose cousin is Rashawn Ross, the newest member of Dave Matthews Band. He is a trumpet player. Unfortunately for us, J doesn't know this deputy very well, or we would have gotten backstage passes. His sergeant did, though, and she called to brag that they got back, got free drinks, and talked with Rashawn. Turns out he's very modest and flattered as all hell to be touring with the band. Pretty cool shit, no?

Today we went swimming and got burnt. Despite putting on a ton of SPF 30. J has been off for the last two days and isn't working tonight either so we don't have any cool po-po stories to share with you today.

But I have hardly seen ANYBODY online lately. Nobody commenting on my blog (how selfish of me), nobody updating their own blogs, nobody emailing, and nobody on my buddylist. It seems very quiet...or else everybody's just being quiet, waiting for someone else to run the show...

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