Monday, August 28, 2006

A few things on my mind today

Well to start with, a few weeks ago a foster mother with a heart condition passed out in a park. When medics were called and she came to, her 3 year old foster child, Marcus, had disappeared. Marcus was autistic, so it was unknown if he'd wandered off or was taken. J told me privately that the officials were looking into the foster parents, although he didn't know why. He only knew that a lot of stuff had been taken out of their home for investigation. This is why. Sick sick fucks. Pardon my language, but those people should be burned alive. You shouldn't read the story if you are sensitive or faint of heart. But I don't understand how people like that would want to adopt or foster a child. I just don't. I'll give you the quick run-down. The parents are responsible for his death, and after the fact, tried to make it look as though he had been taken. I can't tell you how many people around Cincinnati were looking for this child, worried sick that he was playing a game and hiding in the bushes from the search parties, or that he wandered into traffic or a body of water, etc. How many people who'd never met the foster parents or Marcus, and were volunteering their time to look for him. How many cops went with K9s (who never found a trace, natch) and spent valuable time and tax dollars. And how many people felt needless stress when they couldn't find him. Just sick individuals.

Then we were talking about the Jon Mark Karr kook, confessing to Jon Benet Ramsey's death. A lot of people I work with seem to think he came up with a convenient reason to be extradited out of Thailand. Well, I can see that. But the guy looks creepy enough anyway that he probably needed to be locked up. We got to talking about DNA testing. Of course, another thing that people learn from TV is that DNA tests come back 40 minutes after the samples are collected. The same way fingerprints come back immediately. Let's be real here people. I have it on good word (I.e. from cops) that fingerprints themselves take weeks to go through databases for a match. It isn't instantaneous. Neither is DNA. It takes longer for DNA. Quit believing everything you see on TV.

Having said that, they found out that Karr's DNA doesn't match DNA found at the scene. The warrant against him was thrown out. The guy has a litany of other reasons he should be locked away forever. Unfortunately it won't be as easy as people thought it would be.

On a lighter note, Snakes on a Plane did HORRIBLY at the box office. Ha ha! Entertainment Weekly ran an article wondering why it had done so poorly, when it was so hyped. Um, excuse me o wondered weekly rag, YOU were hyping it, not the public. D'uh!

Off to Target. Hope you've enjoyed my rant o'the day.


La Spud said...

Snakes on a Plane should be thrown into the Nile River, along with the people who went and saw it, but bricks on their feet if they liked it

wil said...

Love your blog!

Have added a link.


Cathy said...

Amy, can I link this story about this little boy on my site? That is beyond sick.

Also, I think asshole John Karr should also be locked up forever. What a freak he is.

FroneAmy said...

certainly you can blog that story. It's terribly disheartening, especially since it happened right here, but I had to share it with people.

Welcome! And thanks! Will be checking out your blog today

La Spud- I'm so glad we see eye to eye on that....LoL

Home Sweet Home said...

Did you see the press conference that Liz Carroll did? Somebody please tell police they saw me, I was wearing this, I did this that day, I did this for Marcus, we did this for Marcus, we have been doing good for Marcus, we are good parents, we love him, people are being mean to us, media is being mean to us. We are moving because people are hounding us. And right toward the very end it was someone has Marcus, take him to the police station or a hospital or something.
In her whole conversation, very little was said about the child she said was missing. But lots was said about her and her husband. It was pretty apparent then.

lugosi said...

It wouldn't surprise me if Karr eventually claims responsibility for Jimmy Hoffa's disappearance.