Tuesday, February 08, 2011

a proud wife

The author of this blog is now the mommy of two little ones. The big one is known to this blog as Bub, and the new little one, who shall be referred to as Pooka, 'the girl', or X23, was born in September. Yet another reason for me to take a hiatus from the blog. She is now four months old. Bub is quite a loving and proud big brother.

I mention my children now because J responded to a call a few weeks ago, which came out to him as a two year old child, not breathing. He was closest to the address, and upoon entering the living room discovered that the child was not two years old, but two MONTHS old. Had turned blue, was not breathing, and his little heart had stopped. J immediately began CPR, later telling me that the first thought that ran through his head was "That's my daughter laying there."

The little boy started gasping, then breathing and crying. 30 seconds later the medics arrived and promptly whisked him off to the hospital. He is still alive, thanks to my husband.

This past Saturday, J was commended by the Sheriff, and will receive a ribbon to wear on his uniform. I haven't been this proud of him since he graduated from the academy!