Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Here's your sign

Two idiot stories today...

Last week J is at SWAT training. They are at a police station that is going to be demolished and rebuilt anew, so they get to train in it and break whatever the hell they want. All driveways to the parking lot are blocked off. All the doorways to the building have giant signs on them that say 'SWAT TRAINING IN PROGRESS'. It is, from J's description, evident that the building is OBVIOUSLY not in use by the police department. Yet some bozo walks up to one of the team members who is standing guard at one of the doors. Team member turns around and aims semi-automatic rifle at his chest, yelling "CAN I HELP YOU?" Bozo responds, with arms in air, "I just wanted to pay a ticket!"

Sometimes the team leaders throw in a plant or something, to keep them on their toes. Not knowing whether or not this guy was truly a bozo or part of the scenario, of course they respond that way. I laughed thinking about this guy, trying not to pee his pants.

other story:

Part of J's jurisdiction is in one of those areas of town that I'm sure everybody is familiar with. You know, where all the best stores are, and the traffic patterns are just screwy enough to make it impossible to get a mile in less than 20 minutes. Everybody knows traffic there sucks, but nobody can resist going there. Well yesterday he is in that area, wondering why it's taken four cycles of the light to get through the intersection. He finally gets close enough to see that an elderly woman is in the left turn lane, with her car halfway in the intersection. But she is not in her car. She is out of her car, asking the man behind her for directions.

Why didn't she pull over and ask for directions? Why was the INTERSECTION the best place to ask? Because she needed to know how to get to the building, and dammit, NOW's as good a time as any.

If my eyes could roll any harder, they would fall out of my head.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

SWAT story #1

So today J goes on his first SWAT call out. They're serving a warrant. He tells me they threw a flash bang in the door. It was so loud, it literally scared the shit out of the dogs. Dogs were dashing up the stairs, tails tucked between their legs, and pooping as they ran.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Yes, Virginia

Cop's wives DO get tickets.


In other news: J got on the SWAT team in his county. He couldn't be happier. His mother is still going on about how dangerous it is and how she doesn't want him to do it. I have given up trying to explain that the SWAT team is better equipped to deal with the situation because they know what they're going into most times. He's had the pager for about a week now, and keeps staring at it and asking me why it hasn't gone off yet. I don't know, darling, but I don't think they forgot you!

Badge Baby is doing well. He has had an ear infection for about a month now, so at the ripe old age of 7 mo we are discussing tubes already. Not entirely thrilled with the idea of anesthetizing my little boy, but I do like the idea of kicking the e/i in the ass!

In case you are one of my readers who has been faithful and checks in from time to time to see if I've updated any in the last 3 months, and in case you are one of those readers who doesn't have children...let me just say this. Sleep deprivation is used as torture for a very good reason.

One last thing that I think is a little odd...J tells me they are now getting fitted for hazmat suits to carry in their trunks. In addition to regular gear, riot gear, and his SWAT gear. I'm all for being prepared (yay boy scouts) but at what point do they start issuing grocery getters as standard vehicles?

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Where the lines of justice are drawn

So about a week ago, J gets a theft report from a woman who says five sets of her Bengals tickets were stolen. He asks if she knows who could have taken them. Her daughter's ex-boyfriend was recently at the house, and he seems a likely candidate. So J calls this kid, asks if he's got the tickets. Naturally the kid says no. J asks if the kid knows what will happen to the people found in those seats. Between you and me, J working in a different county than Paul Brown Stadium, this is kind of an empty threat, but it scares the kid a bit. Unfortunately there's not much to go on suspecting the kid other than the woman's guess.

A few days later J gets a call from the woman. She says her daughter knows the night manager at the Frisch's where this kid works, and the night manager says the kid has been trying to hawk Bengals tickets. If J gets a statement from the manager, this could be enough for the prosecutor. Since 5 sets of Bengals tickets are worth more than $500, this is a felony theft charge.

Another few days go by, and J gets another call from the woman. She says she got an envelope in the mail with three sets of the tickets, and $300, along with a letter from the kid. He apologizes for taking the tickets, says he can't 'find' the other two sets (must have successfully sold them) but here's money to make up for it. Please don't report him to the cops, he doesn't want to go to jail. This is admission of guilt, and plenty of evidence to support charges. The woman wants to know what she's supposed to do with the money.

Simply enough, she didn't misrepresent herself to the kid by telling him to pay for the tickets. She just wanted her tickets back. By filing the theft report, the Bengals reissued her tickets, so she's not out any money. The kid didn't get away with it, and attempted to make it right.

Here's the question: The daughter's ex-boyfriend obviously made restitution for his crime. Do charges still need to be pressed against him? J tells the woman that technically, being felony theft, the responsibility falls on HIM to file the charges. However, if she wants, she can sign a drop-investigation form and it will all go away. He gives her a few days to think about it.

In my mind, why bog down the system with this case? The kid paid his debt, she got her tickets back, all's righted. J responds that the kid committed a crime and needs to pay. I respond that he did pay. He says, "but only because he thought he was going to jail, and not because he had a change of heart." So what? People don't have a change of heart by going to jail, either. In discussing it with others, I hear "Well maybe he'll think he can get away with it next time." Right, and people who go to jail never repeat their crimes either.

Did he pay his debt? Was justice served? Should he still go to jail? If so, why do we impose fines for lesser crimes too?

Friday, July 20, 2007

new vocab word

Felony forest: (n) a grouping of air freshener pine trees hanging from the rear view mirror in a car. Used to mask the odor of narcotic substances.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


*Sigh* both of us are back at work now. I like having a normal schedule again but I miss my kid! Little LT is a heck of a cuddle-bug, and so am I. We're a good match that way, except when I want to actually get some chores done and try to set him down.

What is it about having a kid and being a cop? Seems like all of a sudden J is getting a lot of calls involving very young children, in situations that make normal parents VERY angry.

It's been hot lately. Really hot, unseasonably. And we've had very little rain in the Ohio valley. So over the weekend he's driving around on patrol and gets flagged down by a woman in a Lowe's parking lot. She tells him there are two children in a locked car, windows up. So he goes to investigate, discovering the children are young (2 and 4), and neither of them respond when he knocks on the window. It's about 85 degrees at this time of day, and so he returns to his car to get the tools necessary to unlock the car. If you've ever done this or had someone trying to jimmy the lock, you know it's not the easiest thing in the world, and pretty time consuming if you want to avoid damaging the car. After several unsuccessful attempts, he radios his lieutenant to get the OK to break the window. The 4 year old wakes up but can't unlock the door, so he tells her to cover her face and he breaks the window. As he's clearing the glass to reach in, the father comes running out of the store.

Now, in the time J has been there, it's been at least 5 minutes. Father swears he was only in the store for 30 seconds and the car was cool. You and I both know that a trip into Lowe's is never a 30 second adventure. We're not talking about running in to pay for gas. Then dad, a doctor, starts talking about how this is going to ruin his career. HELLO, how about ruining your children?? On a 75 degree, sunny day, the inside of a car can heat up to 125 degrees in less than 10 minutes. If you wouldn't sit in your car with the windows up and no A/C on a hot day, why would you do it to your child?

We find out later from the newspaper that this guy is not only a doctor, but a pediatrics specialist, no less. He is charged with two counts of child endangering, which is a misdemeanor and can carry up to six months in jail.

The very next day, J gets a call to a Kroger's (a grocery store). A mother was unloading her cart to pay, when her not-quite-3 year old wanders into the next aisle. She returns a few minutes later with her pants around her knees. Mother thinks child was playing around and asks her why she did that. Child replies that she didn't, the man did, and he touched her bottom. Now, even thinking about being in this woman's shoes makes me so angry I want to break something. This sort of thing bothered me even before I ever wanted a child of my own. Now I can 100% understand why someone would take matters into their own hands and pursue the pervert.

When J and other officers try to interview the girl, she doesn't speak to them. Eventually they did get some of a description from her, and the store surveillance tapes were being reviewed to see if he was on tape. It's really frightening to think this occurred in broad daylight, in a public location. Just unreal.

Normally J doesn't share cases with me if there is a sex crime or disturbing details. I'm a little too sensitive about those issues. But this was in the news, as was the incident with the kids being left in the car, so it was hard for him to hide.

Monday, June 11, 2007

The babe

As I'm sure you've probably figured out, the badge baby finally arrived. Our little lieutenant (hereafter known as LT) was born on May 2. I like to think it was the full moon, the barometer, spicy food, etc. And the fact that he was due on the 4th. Since it's been almost six weeks and I've forgotten how it really felt, I'll take this moment to was entirely natural. No drugs, no epidural.
LT weighed in at 8lb, 2.4oz. He was 21 inches long. We're doing really well! J has been off the entire time with me. He goes back to work this week, which I'm not thrilled about. The independently wealthy really have it made. I go back to work next week. Even less thrilled about that. I'd love to stay home and just be with my little cuddle monster full time. Ah well...such is life. Hope you've all been doing well!

Monday, April 30, 2007

Hubby's job

J is FINALLY back on the road again. And he's beside himself. I know I've said it before, but I was spoiled by him being off most evenings and weekends. And the OT money was awesome! But he's going to days, and with all the OT he's already accrued for the year he won't get forced on any more until it gets reset.

We're in the very last days of my pregnancy, hence the lack of updates. Also, we moved so it's been a little hectic. Everything's settled in the new house, and we're as ready as we can be for the baby. Obviously once he arrives (did I mention it's a boy?) I won't be updating much except an announcement. J is taking off a good chunk of time, so we're both looking forward to that. Still, it's exciting but nerve-wracking. I just hope we're mentally ready, as well.

Remember this story from several months back? Ironically that post got the most debate of any of my posts. Well finally the grievance was reviewed and it was getting almost to arbitration, but Ryan Saylor got his job back. Good. At least there was some justice in the situation.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Neo Nazi group's planned march - update

Cincinnati City Council passes ordinance in effort to affect march.

Well that was quick! Part of the article says that groups that use 'fighting words' (that's kind of generalized) will have to pay for their own protection. I wonder how this will fly with state and national supreme courts? I am glad to hear that this group can't expect to spread hateful propaganda on taxpayer dollars, but I do wonder how they are protected by the first amendment? It's also stunning to me that a city council was able to band together so well and get an ordinance passed so quickly.
I do know my husband would not be happy at all to be assigned to protect a hate group. Especially given Cincinnati's past racial tension, I can't imagine that this march will end very well. Naturally, that's the reaction the group is looking for.


Thursday, April 05, 2007

Cincinnati racial problems

Neo Nazi group says it will march in OTR

*sigh*...OTR is Over The Rhine, a section of neighborhood in downtown Cincinnati that is notorious for high crime and high racial issues. It was the main site of the riots in 2001. Also, if you've ever been to Ellis Island, there's an old picture of a neighborhood that filled with German immigrants 100 years ago. That's Over The Rhine. Needless to say, there are no German immigrants or descendants living there now.

This Neo-Nazi group, already responsible for being the direct cause of riots in Toledo, is planning on marching through the neighborhood on April 20. They're demanding that police make the area safe for white people to demonstrate. They want to draw attention to the 'need' for black people to be 'exported' out of the country. Right. Geniuses. Like we need MORE racial problems in that area. If you ask me, the only thing they'll be demonstrating is the need for bigots to be weeded out of the gene pool.

Prison Comforts. There's no place like home?

So the other day we're sitting around with some friends, grilling out food. One friend is with Hamilton County S.O. but works at the jail. And J is still in court services, so naturally the conversation turns to prisoner transports and such. As it turns out, some of the inmates have figured out which correctional facilities they'd rather be at, based on the amenities. Some of the prisons have cable, and TVs in most of the cells. Other facilities have CD players in each cell. My argument is that they broke the law, why do they get extra comforts paid for by our tax dollars? This pisses me off, actually! I'm pretty liberal, especially for being a LEO wife, but hell no! They do not deserve comforts!
Our friend working at the jail didn't exactly argue that they deserved them, but he did bring up a good point. They are low-cost means of keeping prisoners subdued. I can see the point, but really, are prisoners more likely to riot or cause trouble if they don't have high-tech entertainment?

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

SWAT standoff ends peacefully Well a SWAT standoff fairly close to my house ended peacefully yesterday. The suspect was firing rounds off into the air before charging into a house. When the standoff ended, it was discovered he was sleeping. Apparently holding your ground is exhausting!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

No charges against officer The officer who accidentally struck and killed a pedestrian while on his way to a call will not face charges. I am pretty relieved by that result in this particular situation.

In other news, blogger forced me to change to beta. It better be good.

J is still in court services, but has an end in sight. Just before the baby is due, he should be back out on the road. Then he gets paternity leave, so we'll be settling into our new, bigger 'shoes' as parents. He's also put in to join the SWAT team for the county. They are, I believe, in the process of revamping the applications, requiring applicants to be physically fit by Ohio Police Officer Training standards. Which gives him a fair bit of a lead over some of the other applicants. He's excited. Hopefully he'll get to join, since I know that's been one of his career goals since before he even graduated the Academy.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Cruiser Dash Cam video I wish I could directly link to the video or upload it to this post but I'm not that savvy. Miraculously everybody involved in this accident was unharmed. Cincinnati got walloped by the storm that was wiping out half of the midwest, and it was pretty damn icy here.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Cops arrest woman having miscarriage

This came up on the baby forums I frequent these days, and naturally a bunch of mothers are outraged. But for the wrong reasons.
A woman was spotted putting fake temp tags in her car, and when officers pulled her over she told them she was bleeding or miscarrying, after they questioned her about the tags. She repeatedly tells them she's bleeding. Officers discover she has no ID, suspended license, multiple warrants, and arrest her. The following morning she is taken to the hospital, where she "delivers" a baby (at 3 or 4 months gestation) that dies.
I feel it necessary to point out here that she did not deliver a pre-term baby, by medical terminology. This is a miscarriage, plain and simple. Yes, it's tragic. But probably wasn't preventable. Nobody can say for sure.

So my repeat readers will know, feisty little Bunny has to jump in and point out the fallacies of the cop-hater logic (illogic), and point out the obvious sensationalism of the story 'spin'. Thought you guys would like to read the story as well. Debate away, and I will probably respond to your arguments on this one.

Thursday, January 25, 2007


I haven't posted in almost two weeks. Why? There is absolutely nothing to talk about.

J is still at court services, and still hating it. He's recently been trained and authorized to fly armed, in order to do prisoner transports. Which means beaucoup overtime! I've gotten absolutely spoiled rotten by having him home evenings, weekends AND holidays. He anticipates going back out on the road shortly before the baby gets here, but is also going to take paternity leave for several weeks. So I will probably have a complete breakdown when we both go back to work and I am back to being a single-married wife. But them's the breaks, eh?

I haven't forgotten anybody, or forgotten about the blog. I just haven't had anything interesting to share with you from the cop world.

I did however, stumble across this story today about the controversy surrounding the proposed 9/11 memorial. I wasn't aware that there was a controversy, but I can definitely see both sides of the debate. The designer originally proposed a completely random scattering of all the victims' names on the memorial, and not having any other details (building/plane/first responder, age, etc) On the one hand I do feel like they should be sorted out, and I'm a little biased about first responders, since they had a choice about being there. But on the other hand I would hate for that to demean the senseless deaths of anybody else on 9/11. I don't really know where I stand on this one. Thoughts?

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Cop profiling never ends...

Oy. The Rand Corp. was contracted by the city of Cincinnati to assemble police reports and study them for evidence of racial profiling. The report has now been released. It is RIFE with opportunity for misinterpretation. Great.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

shock and awe

I was checking my recent visitors log, courtesy of Statcounter, and much to my surprise (and horror) I found I was being linked to from a site called Saddam Hussein's blog (at blogspot, no less). Naturally I recognized it to be a spoof by its address alone. I'd even seen it referenced today on another website, but was at work and didn't want to check it out. Since I was at home when I saw it I decided to risk it and check it out, especially since I'd had two different visitors link to me from it.

Imagine my surprise to open the blog and see it is laid out exactly like our very own Lugosi's website. D'oh! hahahaha, I got quite the giggle out of that.

Dominant personalities

So I've taken to watching The Dog Whisperer on the National Geographic channel. You've probably heard of Cesar Millan before. He's actually pretty fascinating. Dogs are a big part of my life, and always will be. And it pains me to see a family with a dog (or multiple dogs) that has behavioral issues that could be easily solved with proper training. If you haven't had the opportunity to experience his show, each episode has a few different dogs with behavioral problems, often neurotic attitudes, and usually aggressive problems. Some dogs have separation anxiety; some attack other dogs. Today the episode I was watching featured a husband and wife, and their almost-adult son. They had two yorkies that yapped nonstop, pottied in the house at will, and attacked shrubberies. They don't usually get into the occupations of the owners unless it applies. Today it did.

The husband was revealed to be a police officer. This was used to emphasize the point that this man should know how to discipline his dogs, but didn't. Cesar put it pretty appropriately when he said "Tom comes home and he punches out." And boy is it true! There are some cops I've known to have the same personality on duty and off. But most of them have a 'switch' when they're on duty. It's difficult to explain if you haven't witnessed it for yourself, but it's a subtle difference in personality and attitude. I've heard of some officers who have to turn it on a while before shift. With my husband, I don't notice it unless I happen to see him on duty. And even then, he's pretty good at turning it on and off. If he's getting some food or he's in the car and we talk on the phone, he's himself. Normal, jovial, good humored.

Because I don't see him that often on duty, it's a rare opportunity that I experience the cop persona in him. He's more focused on the job, much more serious, not nearly as easy to crack a joke. Don't get me wrong, J has an insane sense of humor and almost always finds a laugh out of a given situation. It sounds weird as I type it out, as though this personality change should be obvious to the average joe citizen. To your common criminal, they probably assume cops are that hard personality 24 hours a day. To family members, it's a bit difficult to see their loved one with that mental 'helmet' on.

The cop/dog owner, Tom, also said himself that he had a soft spot for children and animals, those who can't defend themselves. I like to think that's true of most cops; at least the ones we know. Most of them do have dogs, and are good around kids. Even one cop we know at J's old post who is quite the asshole, has rescued a Katrina dog. He pretends he doesn't have a soft spot, but I've seen it; lurking around the edges. He's the gruff old uncle type. But Tom, on the Dog Whisperer, couldn't bring himself to discipline his dogs because they were small, and they were animals. Ultimately Cesar showed him how to become the 'leader', or as other trainers put it, the alpha. I didn't doubt for a second that Tom could do it, but he comes home and wants to be the family guy. Cops don't come home and keep that badge on with their family.