Wednesday, March 07, 2007

No charges against officer The officer who accidentally struck and killed a pedestrian while on his way to a call will not face charges. I am pretty relieved by that result in this particular situation.

In other news, blogger forced me to change to beta. It better be good.

J is still in court services, but has an end in sight. Just before the baby is due, he should be back out on the road. Then he gets paternity leave, so we'll be settling into our new, bigger 'shoes' as parents. He's also put in to join the SWAT team for the county. They are, I believe, in the process of revamping the applications, requiring applicants to be physically fit by Ohio Police Officer Training standards. Which gives him a fair bit of a lead over some of the other applicants. He's excited. Hopefully he'll get to join, since I know that's been one of his career goals since before he even graduated the Academy.


Big Fella in Blue said...

BB, good luck with new arrival I have a one year old who is into everything! Question - how long paternity does he have I only had 1 week full pay the rest was holiday and days owed to me for days worked extra?

FroneAmy said...

Well, technically he can take the full 12 weeks under FMLA. Any time he wants to be paid for during that, he has to take from sick time. Since he never takes time off to be sick, he's got a fair bit accrued. We're excited.

Cathy said...

Amy, I have been wondering about you and hoping everything is alright? Isn't it getting close to time for the baby? I cna't remember exactly when he was due but I'm thinking soon.

Just wanted you to know I was thinking about you!

Lugosi said...

What do you mean by "forced" you to change to beta? The reason I ask is because I only switched to take full advantage of the labeling feature.

However, I still have a couple of other blogs that I have not switched. Did you get an email or something?