Thursday, May 25, 2006

nothing much but a rainy May evening

Haven't updated because there's been nothing to update. Work is long these days. My project seems to be going nowhere. For quite a while now, the prozac seemed to have been helping. This week it doesnt seem like it is so much. I am constantly irritated by little things. I found out today that Meagan was married three weeks ago. I am happy for her, but deeply saddened that we are no longer friends. It is 11 months now since we've spoken. Part of me still wants to remember how she treated me on our last visit. But most of me has forgotten that, and just misses my best friend. I still can't figure out why exactly she got it into her head that I didn't like Sacha. I didn't love him, but we barely knew each other. I can't say as I felt very welcomed by him, either. Que sera, sera, right? Seems she actually got to have her vows on the beach.

I've been drawn into Lost a lot these days, adding to the forums on The Tail Section and The Lost Experience where I can add some value. But that ended this week. So did 24 and House. I find myself restless during the evening, but not wanting to do any hobbies. Don't have much to read. Nothing good on TV. I want to shop but we don't have the money to shop right now, and I don't need anything.

Not sure what anyone would want to read here, but this can't be very uplifting. sorry.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

fucking women's lib

Well today I had one of those "Oh you're a girl we're going to sit you in the corner and ignore you until we need copies" days. It's a long story, but I was given a project to LEAD at work, and sent to training for it, and then someone with seniority over me decided to take over my meeting and lead my project team in a different direction than he gave me. He tends to do this to other women in the department. Right now there's only 3 women in a 45 person department. Gee, sense an imbalance here? There's a lot more details that I dont' want to get into right now, but I spent an hour and a half after work ranting about it to anyone who would look at me, and feeling like feminism has died and how the hell can we expect gay people to be allowed to get married when women are still treated like complete crap in the corporate workforce?

To add insult to injury, I had quite a horrible acute allergy attack an hour before my meeting that has left my throat sore, and my nose burning. Not my best day ever.

But we're going to see Cate dance this weekend so that should be really fun. Ed's supposed to go also, but he's such a flake anymore that who knows.

Ugh...I need a tissue.