Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It's time to start writing again. I've taken all this time off because, well...I've got kids. And I wasn't into the writing anymore. Now that the little ones are a little older, and I've developed a bit more of my online persona, it's become time to break this blog out again. You're welcome to tag along for the ride.

Tonight as I was getting ready for bed, I started thinking of a tweet. I do this quite often now, since I've become a venerated tweeter. Tweeple, I think they're called. I figure this is how comedians develop their routines; they find what amuses them in their everyday life and they work on polishing it for the masses. Anyway, as I brushed my teeth I looked in the mirror and thought, "Ugh."

"Ugh." my face. My softening body. My flat hair. blah blah blah. I wondered if my mirror could compare the times I've said "gross" to the times I've said "man I look good."

It occurred to me that more people should be approving their reflection. Then I realized...if your mirror counted more self-flattery than objection, society would be upset. It's a double standard we put each other through. "You should value yourself! But wait, not too much..." It's an interesting phenomenon which exhibits itself particularly among female groups. We insult ourselves and wait for our counterparts to offer up what they don't like about their own body. If you like yourself and don't take part, you run the risk of weeding yourself out of the group.

Can we just get to a point where it's OK to be OK with ourselves? Accept the things you can't change, and I don't mean "pay top dollar to change." I mean if you can't eat healthier and exercise a little to fix something, just let go of it as a 'flaw.' If you truly feel the need to alter your body, do it for yourself, and nobody else. Truly.

Let's change 'alter the body' to 'altar your body.' It's an amazing machine that houses our souls.