Friday, February 16, 2007

Cruiser Dash Cam video I wish I could directly link to the video or upload it to this post but I'm not that savvy. Miraculously everybody involved in this accident was unharmed. Cincinnati got walloped by the storm that was wiping out half of the midwest, and it was pretty damn icy here.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Cops arrest woman having miscarriage

This came up on the baby forums I frequent these days, and naturally a bunch of mothers are outraged. But for the wrong reasons.
A woman was spotted putting fake temp tags in her car, and when officers pulled her over she told them she was bleeding or miscarrying, after they questioned her about the tags. She repeatedly tells them she's bleeding. Officers discover she has no ID, suspended license, multiple warrants, and arrest her. The following morning she is taken to the hospital, where she "delivers" a baby (at 3 or 4 months gestation) that dies.
I feel it necessary to point out here that she did not deliver a pre-term baby, by medical terminology. This is a miscarriage, plain and simple. Yes, it's tragic. But probably wasn't preventable. Nobody can say for sure.

So my repeat readers will know, feisty little Bunny has to jump in and point out the fallacies of the cop-hater logic (illogic), and point out the obvious sensationalism of the story 'spin'. Thought you guys would like to read the story as well. Debate away, and I will probably respond to your arguments on this one.