Friday, November 04, 2005

FW: Halloween is finally over

Well Halloween came and went, along with our annual party. It was a blast! I got a lot of good comments on all of the decor at the house. We had a lot of good costumes, and everybody had a good time! The guest list included: Megan and Vince, Mike & Cara, Ryan, Scott & Alison, Alison's friend Ron, Cate, Jim's cousin Jeff, Donnie & Jess, Melissa (not my sis-in-law) and Hunter, Andrew fromwork and his roommate Carmel,...I don't think I'm forgetting anybody. It was a good time! We had a keg, pulled pork, skyline dip, buffalo chicken dip (yet again became the recipe everybody begged for), chips n dip, etc. I love halloween.

Last night was beggar's night, and I had a blast. Jim had to work so I was on my own to hand out candy. Our good prop Grim sat in the front yard, keeping me company, and the dogs sat inside the fence, keeping a watchful eye out for any neglected candy. I got myself up in full Elphaba regalia (for those of you not in the know, she's the wicked witch from Oz, also star of the new play 'Wicked') and sat on the porch silently, waiting the 'little pretties'. Grim, for those of you who haven't had the pleasure of meeting him, is our 7' tall prop, he's a skull's head with a pointing arm, and one finger sticking out of his black robes. I had my realistic skull next to me, the head in the fishbowl, the plate of gooey eyeballs, and my cauldron full of candy. I sat on the front porch, looking over our graveyard, and didn't move. I can't tell you how highly effective the whole set-up was. Plenty of children and some full-grown adults were unsure of walking up the path, convinced that I or Grim was going to jump out at them. I sat with my face down, so the hat brim covered my green face, and waited to be spoken to. When the kid said Trick or Treat, I slowly extended my green hand from my robes to drop a piece of candy in their bag, and slowly retracted my hand. A few times I gave some of the older kids a creepy glare before giving them candy. Several people hurriedly walked back down to the street. It was great! Lesson learned: everybody loves halloween, and kids LOVE it when you play along with them. The most fortunate part was that not one child went away crying. Of course, when the really young kids came by, and you could tell they were going to be pretty scared, I came out of the hunchback and smiled at them. Although a smiling green-skinned witch could be just as scary, still none cried.

We leave for Disney on the 5th, this Saturday. WOO HOO MICKEY HERE WE COME!!!