Saturday, September 30, 2006

Check, please

So J and I happened to remember a story from his old job that I just had to put up here because it was so funny. They got a call at the PD, because a man had went to the local pizza parlor, had himself a bowl of soup, a salad, and some pizza. When the check came, he flipped it over and wrote "I have no money. Since this means I cannot pay for this food, I realize the police will need to be called. I will wait patiently until they arrive."

First of all it was pretty damn funny that this was how he would 'turn himself in', so to speak. But he hadn't done anything other than steal the food, since he ordered and ate it, knowing he couldn't pay for it. So they knew he just wanted 3 hots and a cot at the jail, hence he came up with a way to get arrested. Instead, they took him down to the shelter.

The stories like this always have a sad side to them, because you know this guy just wanted a roof and guaranteed food. If he was genuinely a crackhead, he wouldn't have had a problem attacking somebody on the street, or something similarly violent to get arrested. But it is pretty funny when you think about it.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Good Riddance

Well I didn't even know it was going on until they'd already caught the suspect, but here it is. A Polk County, Florida sheriff's deputy and his K9 were killed yesterday during a traffic stop. Another deputy was shot in the leg but is said to be recovering.

Today they caught and killed the suspect. Good. Please keep Deputy Vernon Matthew Williams' wife and three children in your prayers.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


So today I had a doctor's appointment. It was the big 'first' appointment, although why they call it that I don't know. It's actually the second appointment. The first appointment is just confirming the pregnancy. Today was all the big tests and medical history. So I should find out soon what my blood type is. Since my little sister is O neg, I stand a good chance, even though we have different dads. Anyway, after the appointment, J and I go to get some food, and he starts telling me more detail about the chick whose vomit he got on his gloves. I don't know if it was all the blood they took, or what but I was pretty slap happy and giggling at everything. I ordered breakfast and got sausage with it, and I started mentioning the Sausage King of Chicago. He goes, "You're Abe Frommer?" And I just lost it.

Anyway, he says to me, "So the other night we're dealing with the drunk chick with the vomiting, and she looks up at me and says, 'Can I ask you a question?' and I said 'sure,' and she goes 'When you get sued over this, is it going to be a problem?' " Of course he's imitating her slurring her words because she's three sheets to the wind and did I forget to mention she's not yet 21? So I laugh, and he's laughing because it was pretty funny, and he says, "So I look her in the eye as I'm putting her in the back of the car, and say 'NOPE!' and laugh at her. Then she asks why she's being arrested, and I told her 'Underage consumption, and obstructing.' She whines back, 'but you don't have any proof I was drinking!' and I said, 'You flat out TOLD me you were drunk!' and she replies, 'But you still don't have any proof!' "

At this point I stop laughing enough to ask J, hypothetically of course, if this girl is in law school. He says she actually *IS*!! She keeps whining that she wants to be a county prosecutor and this is going to ruin that for her, and on and on. Very typical 'please don't arrest me' bullshit.

I guess if I hadn't been in such a silly mood, it would have been likely I was rolling my eyes at her. I don't know why I found it so damn funny at the time, though. I'm just imagining some snotty little chick thinking she's so hot that because she wants to be a lawyer, she can talk her way out of underage consumption and public intox and whatnot, then getting her comeuppance because um, HELLO, she still did something totally against the law! Oh well, it's not like it will actually hurt her chances at becoming a lawyer. Hell it probably wouldn't hurt her chances of becoming a cop if life went that way, especially if she went to a big city!

OK Cate asked for an update on Squirt so here it is: right now I am told the baby is about the size of a coffee bean, maybe a small grape, and my uterus is about the size of an apple. It's actually a fetus now, not just an embryo. I'm not actually SHOWING in the sense that you couldn't tell I am pregnant, but my stomach is getting kind of poochy these days. If I didn't know I was pregnant I would be mad that it wasn't flat anymore, but since I am and I do know, it's pretty nice to not have to care about it. I can't wear a belt because my stomach is so sensitive to pressure, especially when nauseous, so half the time we're at home, I've got the trashy little whale tail going on. *SO* not attractive. But then again the other half of the time I'm in my awesome jammy pants with a drawstring so no problems. Oh, and Wil? I am most definitely getting enough sleep. Naps are awesome. The only sad thing is when I go to bed at 10 some nights, and I know a lot of people my age who are just going out for the night. I will miss that, but not a ton. I'll probably be too old to go bar hopping by the time they pass the no-smoking-in-public law here in Cincinnati anyway.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Random linkage

So instead of pointing you guys to blogs I love, I'd instead like to offer you the mindless websites J and/or I visit when we need a laugh. My sister found this site; it's cartoons of this gothic girl with a crazy squirrel who goes off on rants that make a lot of sense. Updated approximately every other week. Check out "Toons" and look for Amityville Toaster, and Jiggly Butt. By far the funniest cartoons. This is very silly stuff. Ed discovered it back in college, when all we used to do was check out StrongBad's email updates. Site is updated roughly once a week. By far probably one of J's favorite mindless entertainment sites. I think it's updated once a week. This is where people get some of the silly videos of people doing some beyond-stupid stunts, or things caught on tape that you just can't fully believe if you didn't see it. Very similar to Skoopy. Also probably updated daily.

Sometimes when I am bored I surf the History folder to see where I'v been or where J's been. It's not snooping, because I know the sites he visits, and it's not like he'd hide them from me. Plus having one computer kind of makes it hard to hide sites from each other. Makes it hard at Christmas time, but what are you gonna do? found from earlier this week; looks like a Defensive Tactics training site. I know some of you LEOs might want to check it out if you haven't already. And I found, and I know he was asking for some 511 pants for his birthday from one of his sisters, whose is a paramedic.

Lastly, I got J an Xbox 360 for his birthday, which is coming up this week. I think he thanked me about 10 times, no exaggeration. He got a Tom Clancy game for it (Ghost Recon? I can't remember), and no joke, this thing is AMAZING. He got the premium package, which came with the HD cables so he could play it in high def. If you've seen the movie Final Fantasy, well, the graphics are so intense that it pretty much looks like that movie. Plus it came with a free month trial membership of Xbox Live gold, which means you can download 'old' Xbox games and save them to the hard drive. Insane. As long as I don't lose him completely to the Xbox.

Man I'm a great wife...

File that under "needed to know"

So every morning when J is on his way home or gets home, I always ask how his night was. More often than not lately it's been "Rainy. Boring." It's been a wet fall so far here in southern Ohio, and people don't do as much stupid shit when it's raining. Or at least they stay home to do it.
During the week I'm already at work when he gets off, so it's usually a shorter conversation, and he'll give me the full details when he wakes up and I am off work. On weekends I am home, duh, so more of the details come out in the morning.

This morning he came home and I asked how his night was. I got the usual "Wet and boring" response at first. He finished tearing down his uniform (Saturday nights are his 'Friday') and hopped in bed. There's always wind-down conversation when we are going to sleep, so I said "Nothing happened, huh?" and he replies, "My gloves are on the dining table. Don't touch them."
Hmm, I think. All I can say in response is, "Ew."

Turns out they pulled over a drunk couple, the female passenger was so lit she was vomiting out the side of the jeep. On the highway. I don't think I need to explain the laws of physics and moving vehicles to you guys, but the back window was open. I think you get where this is going. Fortunately J had the wherewithal to put ON his gloves. Which is fortunate because he didn't even know what it was, thought it was mud. Then another deputy, who didn't have gloves on, touched the door. EW EW EW!

I said "At least she wasn't driving!" J responds, "Yeah but her boyfriend was drunk too. Blew a .215." I'm fairly sure in most other states that's over the limit. Ohio law is .08, which means this guy blew almost three times the driving limit.

But at least he told me about the gloves before I got up...why he put them on the DINING table I do not know.
Kind of like the day I came home and there was a brown paper 'Evidence' bag on the kitchen counter...I was afraid to go near it. Turns out it was extra bullets for the rifle. Could have been much worse, right?

Friday, September 22, 2006

disappearing blogs

Well Cathy mentioned it and she's darn right; Tim at Cop's Cop hasn't posted in about a month, and suddenly today his blog is gone. I know it was there earlier in the week; I routinely check all the blogs I 'subscribe' to. I may not comment often unless I have something constructive to add, so some of you guys might think I don't stop by, but I'm there.

Anyone know what happened to Cop's Cop? Cathy said he mentioned something about getting a new position...Kind of sad to see a LEO blog fall off the radar.

Speaking of sporadic posting, I haven't posted juicy stuff lately because there's been drama going on at J's post. He's not allowed to talk about it since it's under investigation, but he did get dragged into the internal since he was present when the drama 'hit the fan' so to speak.

J also found out this morning he's definitely going to court services. He's pretty bummed about it, since the only thing he says he'll be doing is running the x-ray machine at the courthouse. I'm pretty sure that's not the only thing, but it's probably the worst. It's just the way it happens at their S.O. with rotation and new guys on probation and such, but he just got stuck with it this time. Hopefully he won't be doing it very long, but there's no telling. But there is a silver lining....we'll actually be on the same schedule while he's doing this, AND he gets weekends off! hee hee...pardon me while I have a gleeful little giggle about it.

Oh and the other big news at our household .... (drum roll please)... I'm pregnant. About 8 weeks along now. Been sick as a DOG some days. Which is ironic because my dogs are actually pretty healthy, so who knows where that phrase came from. So on or around May 4 of 2007, we're going to have a little badge baby running around here. J's pretty darn excited. I think he is going to be an EXCELLENT father. Turns out two of the other officers at his post are also expecting around the same time next year, so there will be many men out on paternity leave. Must be something in the water up there...

anyway, I imagine while he's in court services I may get some intriguing stories of court cases to share with y'all. If there's ever any drama IN the courtroom. On another plus side, he's going to the county's main court, which means he won't be dealing with the bad judge anymore.

PS, Cathy I did get your 'tag' the other day, and I promise I will get around to it!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Bad judgement

So there's this judge that J has to take cases to fairly regularly. He bitches about this guy almost every time he has a case. He calls it Mickey Mouse court because it's such a joke. The judge turns over cases where it's obvious that the criminal should be convicted; he allows drunk drivers to go free, and he leaves children in dangerous situations.

Today there's an article about the judge in the Enquirer.

I asked J about some of the other allegations made in the article.
Do other cops really wait to pull people over in other jurisdictions to avoid him? Yep. J's actually *heard* guys say that very thing, "Oh I'm not pulling anyone over there." Which says to me people are probably not getting tickets for violations when they should be.
Have the number of felony cases declined because of him? Yep. Numbers speak for themselves.
The prosecutors refuse to take child endangerment cases to this court because the guy REPEATEDLY allows children to stay with parents who are known drug users, or have patterns of leaving their children unsupervised or in dangerous situations. Furthermore, there have been many cases later found guilty in appeals court which this judge acquitted the first time around!

Since he's one of the very few Ohio judges to be facing potential disciplinary action by Ohio Supreme Court, you'd think it would speak for itself, wouldn't it? I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he gets thrown from the bench before his term is up.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Incredible Stupidity

Why doesn't this happen more often?

Man tries to carjack someone, only to realize, AFTER tapping on the window with his gun, that he was trying to carjack a police officer, still in uniform, on his way home from work.

You've heard of the Darwin awards, right? I'd like to propose a new award, for criminals SO stupid they turn themselves in from the get-go. Anybody got a good name suggestion?

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Tasks that cops hate

Well J found out the other day he might get assigned to court services soon. Just depends on the way the cards are falling, but it seems likely. He's mad. Court Services here means he will be running the x-ray machine at court, picking up prisoners, standing guard at court, etc. It's M-F 8-4, which (hee hee) means we will be on the same schedule FOR ONCE in our lifetime. But I can't be too happy about it because he really really doesn't want to do it. I think he'd rather be on the road during the daytime than do court services. Plus he doesn't know how long he'll be stuck doing it.

What about you guys, what part of your job do you detest the most?

Sunday, September 10, 2006

I remember Clive Ian Thompson

Clive Ian Thompson was known as Ian to everyone who knew him. He was born on the 5th of July, 1958, in England. In this picture he looks like a kind, gentle man. He looks like a family man. He is survived by his wife Lucy, and their daughters Ella and Rachel. In 2001 they all lived in Summit, New Jersey. Reading other sites about him, it seems to me he must have had a lot of friends, both in America and in England. He liked to cook for his wife and daughters. He played golf recreationally, liked to play cards, or watch movies. I picture him sitting on a couch with his arm around at least one of his daughters, watching his favorite movie, "Life is Beautiful." If you have seen this movie, Roberto Benigni's character helps his son survive WWII Nazi camp by keeping life fun. Ian strikes me as the type of person who would make a child laugh to make her forget her arm is broken and being set.

Ian worked at Euro Brokers for 22 years. He started at the London Office in 1979, and transferred to New York in 1992. This means he worked in the towers when they were bombed in 1993. Ian helped an asthmatic down the stairs to safety from the 31st Floor of the North Tower where the Euro Brokers office was then located. In 1999, he helped pull a man out of a burning car on the Pulaski Skyway on his way to work. This says to me that in all likelihood, Ian was trying to help people on that infamous day in 2001. I haven't a doubt in my mind that he was. His office was on the 84th floor of the south tower. The north tower was hit first, and Ian called his wife Lucy to tell her he was OK after the first plane hit. Ian most likely helped calm people as they witnessed the horror through the windows, watching the first tower burn.

Ian volunteered with a local Volunteer First Aid Squad as an EMT. People who do this sort of volunteering are the people who genuinely want to help other people. He wasn't paid for that work. He just wanted to help people. Posthumously, he is recognized in the 2002 New Jersey State EMS Memorial as having died in the line of duty. He was known for being very gentle with people he was helping, and was often assigned to help babies and children. To me, he definitely looks like the face you would want to see rescuing you, or holding your hand on the way to the hospital. He's the kind of person who probably got thank-you notes from people he assisted.

This picture makes me smile. Ian is in the center, and looks like he is having an excellent time. Someone who dresses up like this knows how to have a good time with his buddies. At a service held for Ian shortly after 9/11, his wife requested that everyone wear brightly colored clothes in memorial of him. He liked to have fun, and would have wanted people to be happy, not mourn. He is remembered by friends and family as being someone who had more fun than most people, often allowing himself to be the target of good-natured jokes, such as being pummeled with water balloons.

Ian started a carpet cleaning business on the side, Albright Carpet Cleaning. He became a master carpet cleaner. Friends of Ian remember him as being a renaissance man. He had a lot of interests, and a lot of friends. Hopefully some of them will see my tribute. Hopefully I have done a good job of remembering Clive Ian Thompson. I am sure that his friends and family have no problem remembering a man full of life, a soulmate, a wonderful father, brother, uncle, and a great friend.
I remember Clive Ian Thompson

Here are links to the other tributes. Fortunately more than 2996 people signed up, so some people are remembered by more than one blogger.


On 9/11, J and I were sleeping in. The phone rang, and we ignored it. It rang again. J crawled out of bed and answered it. It was our good buddy Scott. I could tell from his tone of voice that something was wrong. He was in the living room, and turned on the TV. He told me to turn on the TV in the bedroom. The second tower had just been hit by another plane. At the time, there was a lot of confusion. Nobody knew it was a terror attack yet. There was speculation that it was a horrific accident. Of course nobody suspected we were really under attack, not *really*. It was too impossible to believe.

We watched TV all morning. I remember emailing my mom, who was at work and had no clue what was going on. She usually listens to the radio at a very low level, and told me that she'd heard some joke about two planes crashing, but hadn't bothered to turn it up for details. I emailed her back immediately to tell her it was no joke, and to turn up the radio.

We had the TV in the living room on one news channel, the TV in the bedroom on a second channel. I had up on one computer, on the other.

J's childhood friend, Jared, attended Wagner College at the time, on Long Island. We spoke to him online later that day, and he told us he watched the towers fall from a dorm room. He must have been upwind.

My best friend at the time, Meagan, was from New Jersey. She had cousins who worked in the towers. She and I talked all day. She lived in South Beach at the time. If you've ever been to Miami, you see shipping containers EVERYwhere. For every cruise liner you see, there are just as many international shippers around. She told me the ports were a disaster because that afternoon they weren't letting any of the ships in.

I remember going to work later that day; I had to work from 2 to 11 at Home Depot. I remember thinking it was surreal, that we shouldn't be working. I remember thinking everything should be shut down. I also remember more than one customer buying multiple filter masks. I helped paint the empty paint cans that we put on every available counter space, for people to make donations. Home Depot made overwhelming donations, and I remember being proud to see on the news all the orange buckets used at Ground Zero to haul away debris as they looked for survivors in the rubble.

Prior to 9/11, I had nightmares. J had always wanted to be a cop, and I had nightmares of losing him to the call of duty. They were sometimes strange dreams; I remember one where a school gym was basically a hell-hole, kind of like something you'd see in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Obviously I'd had too much pizza late that night. In the dream we'd hear screams coming from the building, and I'd desperately try to hang on to J, to stop him from going in. His response was always something like, "But I have to go, people need me." I'd never see him again in the dream. Often waking up in a cold sweat, making sure he was still next to me. Other times they were more generic dreams, but I still lost him to the call of duty. After 9/11, I never had one of those nightmares again. It had come true for so very many people.

I want Clive Ian Thompson to have a few days of tribute, so I probably won't be updating for a few days. I can't believe five years has gone by already.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Police Videos

So I come home for lunch fairly's cheap and I get to escape work. When I do come home, often Spike has the Wildest Police Videos, or some such show on. And I get a kick out of watching them, because they always make the cops look good. Or at least they try. Sometimes if you know what you're looking at, you wonder why that cop stood in front of the car's open door, with the driver in the driver's seat and the car still on. But the show would never point that out.

My favorite part, though, is watching people get their comeuppance after doing stupid crap. Is it wrong to laugh when a criminal wrecks the car he was running away in? I don't deliberately wish people harm, of course. But it's very satisfying when they hurt themselves trying to do something stupid. This means they succeeded in being very, very stupid.

My favorite clip these days, though, was of a guy who had been arrested for multiple things, but included was public intox. So the guy is toasted in the back of the car, and the officer turned the camera around to film this guy's antics. The idiot is in the backseat, yelling "False Arrest!" over and over, as well as some other things. The officer actually has quite a level head and ignores him. The guy calms down for a minute, then fires it back up. He just won't shutup. Personally I'm thinking the officer is going to brake-check him or something (a.k.a waffling). The idiot hocks a loogie and spits it at the officer. The car stops, and the officer says something along the lines of "That's it." And gets out of the car! Then he gets the suspect out of the backseat. I'm thinking Hooray, he's going to smack this guy around! You can hear the officer talking to the guy, saying something like "Now you're not gonna do that anymore." And puts the guy back in the car. Once the guy gets himself upright again, you can see that the officer pulled the guy's shirt over his head! HA!

Quite possibly the best, most level-headed reaction possible. I love it.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Rain, rain, go away

Well last night J was driving to work, in the rain, on the highway. Was next to a semi, which you know creates all sorts of drafts. Hydroplaned. Spun out. Hit the wall. Ended up back out in the lane, facing oncoming traffic.

Thank GOD he didn't hit the semi. Nobody hit him after that. So he's fine. Truck is pretty damn banged up, barely driveable, but he's fine. Even went to work after. Didn't even call me! I was asleep already though, so I realize there was no reason for him to call, but still. I am just soooo thankful he is OK. Driving next to semis in the rain at night on the highway could have been disastrous.

Someone was looking out for my hubby today...

Friday, September 01, 2006

Troopers Ambushed

I almost never update from work but I had to put this link out there. Two Troopers were ambushed by 'Bucky Phillips', who has been on the run and is also wanted in connection with another trooper shooting. The two troopers in this story are both alive, but listed in critical condition. One was shot through the vest, and the other took a hit to the thigh, in the femoral artery. He suffered massive blood loss. Keep them in your prayers.