Friday, September 08, 2006

Police Videos

So I come home for lunch fairly's cheap and I get to escape work. When I do come home, often Spike has the Wildest Police Videos, or some such show on. And I get a kick out of watching them, because they always make the cops look good. Or at least they try. Sometimes if you know what you're looking at, you wonder why that cop stood in front of the car's open door, with the driver in the driver's seat and the car still on. But the show would never point that out.

My favorite part, though, is watching people get their comeuppance after doing stupid crap. Is it wrong to laugh when a criminal wrecks the car he was running away in? I don't deliberately wish people harm, of course. But it's very satisfying when they hurt themselves trying to do something stupid. This means they succeeded in being very, very stupid.

My favorite clip these days, though, was of a guy who had been arrested for multiple things, but included was public intox. So the guy is toasted in the back of the car, and the officer turned the camera around to film this guy's antics. The idiot is in the backseat, yelling "False Arrest!" over and over, as well as some other things. The officer actually has quite a level head and ignores him. The guy calms down for a minute, then fires it back up. He just won't shutup. Personally I'm thinking the officer is going to brake-check him or something (a.k.a waffling). The idiot hocks a loogie and spits it at the officer. The car stops, and the officer says something along the lines of "That's it." And gets out of the car! Then he gets the suspect out of the backseat. I'm thinking Hooray, he's going to smack this guy around! You can hear the officer talking to the guy, saying something like "Now you're not gonna do that anymore." And puts the guy back in the car. Once the guy gets himself upright again, you can see that the officer pulled the guy's shirt over his head! HA!

Quite possibly the best, most level-headed reaction possible. I love it.


brian said...

Thanks for being a part of project 2996. Please let me know when you have posted so that I can come back and read. I have already posted my tribute post and have many links and comments from others who have posted.

Cathy said...

I love this

Also my 9/11 tribute is up. I'll be back on Monday to read yorus..

wil said...

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