Monday, September 18, 2006

Incredible Stupidity

Why doesn't this happen more often?

Man tries to carjack someone, only to realize, AFTER tapping on the window with his gun, that he was trying to carjack a police officer, still in uniform, on his way home from work.

You've heard of the Darwin awards, right? I'd like to propose a new award, for criminals SO stupid they turn themselves in from the get-go. Anybody got a good name suggestion?


wil said...

In a forum that I've been with for 7-8 years, I call these stories The Lex Luther Awards. Only in the comics are there any criminal geniuses (sp?)

cathy said...

"Tag"...Your It!

Barking Yak said...

The Otis Campbell Awards after the town drunk on the Andy Giffith show who let himself into the jail.