Sunday, September 24, 2006

Random linkage

So instead of pointing you guys to blogs I love, I'd instead like to offer you the mindless websites J and/or I visit when we need a laugh. My sister found this site; it's cartoons of this gothic girl with a crazy squirrel who goes off on rants that make a lot of sense. Updated approximately every other week. Check out "Toons" and look for Amityville Toaster, and Jiggly Butt. By far the funniest cartoons. This is very silly stuff. Ed discovered it back in college, when all we used to do was check out StrongBad's email updates. Site is updated roughly once a week. By far probably one of J's favorite mindless entertainment sites. I think it's updated once a week. This is where people get some of the silly videos of people doing some beyond-stupid stunts, or things caught on tape that you just can't fully believe if you didn't see it. Very similar to Skoopy. Also probably updated daily.

Sometimes when I am bored I surf the History folder to see where I'v been or where J's been. It's not snooping, because I know the sites he visits, and it's not like he'd hide them from me. Plus having one computer kind of makes it hard to hide sites from each other. Makes it hard at Christmas time, but what are you gonna do? found from earlier this week; looks like a Defensive Tactics training site. I know some of you LEOs might want to check it out if you haven't already. And I found, and I know he was asking for some 511 pants for his birthday from one of his sisters, whose is a paramedic.

Lastly, I got J an Xbox 360 for his birthday, which is coming up this week. I think he thanked me about 10 times, no exaggeration. He got a Tom Clancy game for it (Ghost Recon? I can't remember), and no joke, this thing is AMAZING. He got the premium package, which came with the HD cables so he could play it in high def. If you've seen the movie Final Fantasy, well, the graphics are so intense that it pretty much looks like that movie. Plus it came with a free month trial membership of Xbox Live gold, which means you can download 'old' Xbox games and save them to the hard drive. Insane. As long as I don't lose him completely to the Xbox.

Man I'm a great wife...


Anonymous said...

I'm very jealous.

All I wear is 5.11 uniforms. They're great. Expensive, but worth it.

kateykakes said...
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kateykakes said...

Actually, getting rid of those history entries is easy, but I'll be hush, hush about it. ;)

Seriously though, a lot of times when you use a program to clean up usless files on your PC, it deletes the history files - although not much is really permanent, as I'm sure there's a way to get everything back. That I don't know how to do though.

**deleted the first post because I had way too many errors. Guess that's why I should preview first.

Kim said...

Hope you don't mind my stopping by and commenting...I'm not a cop nor a cop's wife...but Jack and Blade (WHEN he posts) are interesting...yours is good, too.

Brent said...

You are indeed a wonderful wife!! I was hooked on two online games for years. My wife hated that I spent so much time on them. I finally lost interest in them, but she was very patient with me. She knew I needed a release from work.