Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Bad judgement

So there's this judge that J has to take cases to fairly regularly. He bitches about this guy almost every time he has a case. He calls it Mickey Mouse court because it's such a joke. The judge turns over cases where it's obvious that the criminal should be convicted; he allows drunk drivers to go free, and he leaves children in dangerous situations.

Today there's an article about the judge in the Enquirer.

I asked J about some of the other allegations made in the article.
Do other cops really wait to pull people over in other jurisdictions to avoid him? Yep. J's actually *heard* guys say that very thing, "Oh I'm not pulling anyone over there." Which says to me people are probably not getting tickets for violations when they should be.
Have the number of felony cases declined because of him? Yep. Numbers speak for themselves.
The prosecutors refuse to take child endangerment cases to this court because the guy REPEATEDLY allows children to stay with parents who are known drug users, or have patterns of leaving their children unsupervised or in dangerous situations. Furthermore, there have been many cases later found guilty in appeals court which this judge acquitted the first time around!

Since he's one of the very few Ohio judges to be facing potential disciplinary action by Ohio Supreme Court, you'd think it would speak for itself, wouldn't it? I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he gets thrown from the bench before his term is up.


frhe sjgg said...

I hope he gets thrown from the bench. Guys like him make all law enforcement jobs that much harder.

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Cathy said...

Amy, Would you ask your readers if any of them have heard from Tim at

He hasn't posted for about a month. His last post he had been assigned a different job in his department. Now it looks as if his blog has been taken down. No goodbyes, or explanations or anything..Very strange. I just wondered if anyone could tell us anything.