Monday, April 11, 2011

Well who are you going to call?

Restaurant owner asks cops not to eat at his diner. Blaming one incident where he was "falsely arrested" a few years ago. I put that in quotes because that is his statement, not proven fact.

What a moron, first of all. From a purely business standpoint, you don't single out a large group of potential customers to exclude. It's just stupid marketing. You're effectively hitting a larger market of people to NOT visit your restaurant and thusly line your pockets, because not only are cops going to avoid you like the plague, but so are their family and friends.

Watching the video, the guy makes himself look worse. Like that adage, which I'm sure I'm about to butcher, but basically, "better to keep your mouth shut and have people suspect you're an idiot, than to open your mouth and prove them right."

Running on about 5 hours of interrupted sleep last night, so I'm quite certain my grammar could use a little polishing in this post.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

a proud wife

The author of this blog is now the mommy of two little ones. The big one is known to this blog as Bub, and the new little one, who shall be referred to as Pooka, 'the girl', or X23, was born in September. Yet another reason for me to take a hiatus from the blog. She is now four months old. Bub is quite a loving and proud big brother.

I mention my children now because J responded to a call a few weeks ago, which came out to him as a two year old child, not breathing. He was closest to the address, and upoon entering the living room discovered that the child was not two years old, but two MONTHS old. Had turned blue, was not breathing, and his little heart had stopped. J immediately began CPR, later telling me that the first thought that ran through his head was "That's my daughter laying there."

The little boy started gasping, then breathing and crying. 30 seconds later the medics arrived and promptly whisked him off to the hospital. He is still alive, thanks to my husband.

This past Saturday, J was commended by the Sheriff, and will receive a ribbon to wear on his uniform. I haven't been this proud of him since he graduated from the academy!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Hello there blogger community...

Well, J and I brought another little being into the world. Our little Pooka came in September, and if any of you have multiple children you will no doubt understand the time constraint and sheer mind-wipe that having two kids creates. I can only imagine it goes up at an alarming rate with the addition of each new child.

But we're a happy family of four. Six if you count the two pooches. Girl dog has resumed her nursemaid duties to the new baby, albeit on a smaller scale than she did with Bub. When he was born, girl dog made it her mission to be near him at all times, and I have many photos of the two of them. In hindsight I wonder if she thought she had a new friend, wanted to mother him, or just thought he was a perpetual source of food. This being the dog that has eaten soap and drywall, among other things, I'm sure spit-up, cheerios and pureed green beans were a gourmet buffet.

J's work schedule has been in conflict with my own for a year now, and we're facing at least another 9 months of this schedule. Granted, it means his off-days overlap my weekend, but the flip side of that is that we spend most of the week seeing each other in half-hour increments. Mornings while I rush around getting ready for work, lunches when I come home from work, and the occasional dinner with daddy if he isn't busy on the road.

On the plus, it means our children spend most of their time at home with one of us, both saving money and protecting their health, particularly in the midst of flu season. But we've both reached a point where we just miss each other. I know that in comparison to the military wives who are lucky if they get to TALK to their husbands each day they are deployed, I've got it good. At least I get to sleep next to my husband each night. But it still sucks. I don't dwell on it too much, because when you focus on the negative, it sucks you down into the void. Just like any danger zone, you have to be aware of it to avoid it.