Friday, February 16, 2007

Cruiser Dash Cam video I wish I could directly link to the video or upload it to this post but I'm not that savvy. Miraculously everybody involved in this accident was unharmed. Cincinnati got walloped by the storm that was wiping out half of the midwest, and it was pretty damn icy here.


Mike@CopTheTruth said...

I saw that, pretty amazing.

Brent said...

I couldn't believe with the force of the crash that the camera kept rolling. Those things usually shut down when the officer sneezes!

Big Fella in Blue said...

BB try and find the embed code, if you go to YouTube and search for police related, you will find the clip there. Look for the embed code to the right handside, slect this and press copy. Then go to your post and paste this into the 'edit html'.
Hope this works, this is how I have posted on my blog

FroneAmy said...

Big Fella -

cool, thanks for the tip! Welcome to my blog and thanks for reading.