Thursday, April 05, 2007

Cincinnati racial problems

Neo Nazi group says it will march in OTR

*sigh*...OTR is Over The Rhine, a section of neighborhood in downtown Cincinnati that is notorious for high crime and high racial issues. It was the main site of the riots in 2001. Also, if you've ever been to Ellis Island, there's an old picture of a neighborhood that filled with German immigrants 100 years ago. That's Over The Rhine. Needless to say, there are no German immigrants or descendants living there now.

This Neo-Nazi group, already responsible for being the direct cause of riots in Toledo, is planning on marching through the neighborhood on April 20. They're demanding that police make the area safe for white people to demonstrate. They want to draw attention to the 'need' for black people to be 'exported' out of the country. Right. Geniuses. Like we need MORE racial problems in that area. If you ask me, the only thing they'll be demonstrating is the need for bigots to be weeded out of the gene pool.

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