Thursday, June 21, 2007


*Sigh* both of us are back at work now. I like having a normal schedule again but I miss my kid! Little LT is a heck of a cuddle-bug, and so am I. We're a good match that way, except when I want to actually get some chores done and try to set him down.

What is it about having a kid and being a cop? Seems like all of a sudden J is getting a lot of calls involving very young children, in situations that make normal parents VERY angry.

It's been hot lately. Really hot, unseasonably. And we've had very little rain in the Ohio valley. So over the weekend he's driving around on patrol and gets flagged down by a woman in a Lowe's parking lot. She tells him there are two children in a locked car, windows up. So he goes to investigate, discovering the children are young (2 and 4), and neither of them respond when he knocks on the window. It's about 85 degrees at this time of day, and so he returns to his car to get the tools necessary to unlock the car. If you've ever done this or had someone trying to jimmy the lock, you know it's not the easiest thing in the world, and pretty time consuming if you want to avoid damaging the car. After several unsuccessful attempts, he radios his lieutenant to get the OK to break the window. The 4 year old wakes up but can't unlock the door, so he tells her to cover her face and he breaks the window. As he's clearing the glass to reach in, the father comes running out of the store.

Now, in the time J has been there, it's been at least 5 minutes. Father swears he was only in the store for 30 seconds and the car was cool. You and I both know that a trip into Lowe's is never a 30 second adventure. We're not talking about running in to pay for gas. Then dad, a doctor, starts talking about how this is going to ruin his career. HELLO, how about ruining your children?? On a 75 degree, sunny day, the inside of a car can heat up to 125 degrees in less than 10 minutes. If you wouldn't sit in your car with the windows up and no A/C on a hot day, why would you do it to your child?

We find out later from the newspaper that this guy is not only a doctor, but a pediatrics specialist, no less. He is charged with two counts of child endangering, which is a misdemeanor and can carry up to six months in jail.

The very next day, J gets a call to a Kroger's (a grocery store). A mother was unloading her cart to pay, when her not-quite-3 year old wanders into the next aisle. She returns a few minutes later with her pants around her knees. Mother thinks child was playing around and asks her why she did that. Child replies that she didn't, the man did, and he touched her bottom. Now, even thinking about being in this woman's shoes makes me so angry I want to break something. This sort of thing bothered me even before I ever wanted a child of my own. Now I can 100% understand why someone would take matters into their own hands and pursue the pervert.

When J and other officers try to interview the girl, she doesn't speak to them. Eventually they did get some of a description from her, and the store surveillance tapes were being reviewed to see if he was on tape. It's really frightening to think this occurred in broad daylight, in a public location. Just unreal.

Normally J doesn't share cases with me if there is a sex crime or disturbing details. I'm a little too sensitive about those issues. But this was in the news, as was the incident with the kids being left in the car, so it was hard for him to hide.


Rebecca said...

My husband used to find animal cruelty calls the most upseting. Now his worst ones are involving babies. He found a 10 month old in a shoe box, buried under trash in the backseat of a car driven by meth heads. They were sex regs and the baby wasn't theirs. She was OK. The other day, I was complaining to Chris because Little Man is almost 2, is 30 pounds and almost 3 feet tall but he is still rear facing. "Other people have turned there babies around a long time ago, Chris." I said yesterday. "Well, they haven't seen dead babies in car crashes." He replied. That shut me up really fast. I won't ask again. Well, I will probably say something if Little Man starts approaching kindergarten age...

Rebecca said...

PS. Congrats on LT!

Deloris said...

I just found your blog and I love it! I am also a sheriff deputy's wife. Most of your posts are like the things that my husband tells me daily.

Congratulations on LT!

OldMotherHubbardSharesAll said...

First let me say it is like getting a new car - once you've decided on what you want you see a bazillion on the road. So once you've become a parent you notice things like this more.

Second let me say - Oh poor Pedi Dr, you might lose a job - HELLO IDIOT YOU COULD HAVE LOST 2 KIDS! You deserve whatever you get!!!

As for the poor 3 year old, first why was she out of mom's sight long enough for this to happen? (Not that I'm blaming mom, but was wandering) Second, may the sick SOB burn in hell after a long prision sentence where "they touch his bottom" first!

Sorry about your having to go back to work! It's a necessary evil but boy does snugglie babies make it harder! Congrats.