Tuesday, January 02, 2007

shock and awe

I was checking my recent visitors log, courtesy of Statcounter, and much to my surprise (and horror) I found I was being linked to from a site called Saddam Hussein's blog (at blogspot, no less). Naturally I recognized it to be a spoof by its address alone. I'd even seen it referenced today on another website, but was at work and didn't want to check it out. Since I was at home when I saw it I decided to risk it and check it out, especially since I'd had two different visitors link to me from it.

Imagine my surprise to open the blog and see it is laid out exactly like our very own Lugosi's website. D'oh! hahahaha, I got quite the giggle out of that.


Lugosi said...

Yeah, I actually had a plagiarism lawsuit pending against Saddam over that very issue, but he managed to weasel out of it by getting executed.

wil said...

Thanks for snagging this one. It is (was?) great.

Red said...

Hahaha I was hesitant, at first, too!