Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Longest yard

Maurice Clarett arrested -- Again.

All right, here we have a STAR player from OSU, awaiting charges on aggravated burglary charges, who makes an illegal move on a freeway, and just starts racking up the charges. He runs from the cops. When they finally get him out of the car, tasing efforts are futile because he's wearing a BULLET PROOF VEST. That, my friends, is what J likes to call a Scooby Clue. He has four guns in the car, one of them an assault rifle. Another is in holster in the back seat. Sounds like he was on his way to a regular ol' shoot out! Darn, guess he's not going to make it.

Well, at least he'll be good on the prison football team!

Come to think of it, he'd probably fit RIGHT in with the Bengals stars who have spent the last year getting arrested for many varied charges.

Matthias Askew, Chris Henry, Chris Henry, Chris Henry (yup again), AJ Nicholson, Frostee Rucker, AJ Steinbech, Odell Thurman


c2much said...

role models

FroneAmy said...

At least my boy Rudi Johnson stays out of trouble...