Saturday, August 12, 2006

Bunny dreams about bunnies

I had the BIZARREST dream. We were at the Playboy mansion, but it was more like a hotel. It was HUGE. Holly, Bridget and Kendra were there, and they had a ton of makeup on. And they were wearing coordinating dresses. My FIL was at a gambling table, but it was apparently some gambling I made up in my head. Let's just call it craps. We were touring this place, and there was a huge party going on. Then Hef opened the doors to the movie room, which was the largest theater I've ever seen. If you've ever watched the Girls Next Door, you have seen their little movie room, and it's about big enough for 50 people. (Which is still larger than my home theater, but I digress) Anyway, then Holly mentions something about going to the strip club on the 7th floor. Why was I hanging out with her in my dream? Because I have bizarre dreams sometimes. I need to stop smoking crack.

Is this the wrong time to mention that my husband has actually *been* to the Playboy mansion? Yup. His dad works in publishing and they were having the 50th anniversary parties. FIL got invited, and MIL would have NOTHING to do with going to the mansion, so FIL cleared it that he could bring his son instead of his spouse. Normally they frown on bringing more guys instead of girls, but it wasn't exactly that kind of party. Still, he got to go.

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La Spud said...

the playboy mansion has naked girls, that's all i know