Thursday, August 03, 2006

Cops in Ohio News

A man tried to steal an officer’s gun from the holster. I wish there were more details on this, but I want to know why the officer wasn’t on top of his game. Story says the officer fell down when the guy tried to grab it, because the holster was locked. Was the officer tired? Was he focused on someone/something else?

I like to think, perhaps in a deluded sense, that officers are more aware of their surroundings. As a wife I think that’s what helps me sleep at night. J’s duty holster is a leather woven, like the Sam Brown belts, and does have a ‘locking’ strap. His off-duty holster is a different sort, molded to hold the gun unless pulled out in a specific way by the person wearing the holster. I’ve tried to pull the gun out when nobody’s wearing the holster, and that’s pretty hard to do. Especially when it sounds like someone’s trying to get into your house at 1 in the morning, and you’re trying to go investigate. This is too cute. It’s a new turn in K-9s, and it makes me wonder why nobody’s done this before. In a northern Ohio county, they’re using a 6 lb chihuahua as a drug sniffer. As a dog enthusiast I can’t help but think this is ingenius. Every time I read a story about yet another ‘use’ for dogs to assist us humans, it just gives me the warm fuzzies. This species has evolved right alongside humans for literally thousands of years, to the point that they are attuned to our bodies more than we are. They’re becoming an extension of people. Even if they are the tiny, sports car model, ‘accessory’ dogs, as I like to call them.

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