Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The lesser of two evils


A few posts ago, Lugosi wondered why J was letting people go even though they were drunk. Now, the drunk teenagers did receive tickets, but the above link should illustrate why they were let go. Although Cincinnati is in Hamilton county, and J works in a different county, it’s the same damn problem. There’s just no space. The story above is an idea they’ve been tossing around for a while now. Tent jails. There’s just no room for any more prisoners. The officers not only have to decide if and when they arrest someone, but now they have to decide if this person should go to jail. Or if they can afford to let this person be free a while longer. I can’t say as it’s very fair on the officers to have to decide that. I mean, is that the way the system is designed to work? And with what consistency? And if the jail is full, but they have a violent felon, who gets to go free so he can be locked up?


Anonymous said...

No one goes free! Bring back the chain gangs. 24 hrs a day, rotate them through so when one guy is out working, the other guys is sleeping in the bed.

lugosi said...

Yet another reason to support capital punishment: It frees up space!

weddy said...

Personally, I think debtor's prisons should be brought back to provide some added incentive against the rampant over-extension of debt loads that American families are plunging themselves into. I would add the twist that the debtor's prison inmates would be put to work in various ways on public-service works as their bodily abilities dictate (from physical labor to data entry). As with any good idea, this certainly has some flaws :), but I still support it.