Thursday, August 10, 2006

Media Influence

So at dinner tonight J brings up Rover's Morning Glory. It's a syndicated morning show that replaced Howard Stern here in Cincinnati. I gather that they're based out of Chicago, but they're not on in Chicago. Weird. Anyway, they've got this bitch of a side-kick girl, Duji (which sounds ironically similar to douche-y), who ALWAYS takes the devil's advocate argument, but seems to agree with it. Today they were discussing a kid getting shot by cops because he pulled a gun and aimed it at the cops. They were chasing him because he'd just robbed somebody, who went up to the police and pointed him out. Turns out the gun was a BB. Duji's whole argument, no matter what Rover and Dieter said, was anti-cop.
"They should have taken more time to figure out the gun."
"The cops are lying, you can't believe what they're saying. They're all brothers so they stand up for each other" blah blah blah.
I've personally been listening to the radio when this moron goes on, and I've also been guilty of yelling at the radio or almost calling in, because this bitch is an IDIOT! She's actually a complete moron! J said this morning he was so pissed off, he almost called the show to let them know he couldn't listen anymore because of her. I personally don't think I could listen either, because of her. But I have Sirius so I listen to Howard in the morning anyway. :)

Another thing mentioned this morning on the radio, especially in the wake of today's narrowly thwarted terror attacks in England, is that of a survey conducted, 30% of the people surveyed didn't know what year 9/11 happened in.

You're kidding me, right? THREE OUT OF TEN PEOPLE can't remember something that happened IN THEIR LIFETIME??? So maybe the WTC Nick Cage movie *isn't* too soon. What the hell? Now, if someone that reads this blog can tell me, HONESTLY, that they don't remember EXACTLY what they were doing on the morning of 9/11, let me know. I don't buy it.

In fact, I'm not sure I believe the veracity of the report. I just honestly can't fathom that in my mind.


Anonymous said...

I hate that Howard takes so many damn vacations!

Plus, my radio is messed up tonight for some reason. It keeps saying "Antenna not detected" :-(

I read the article about that incident on I don't care that it was a BB gun. I don't care that the kid was an A-B student.

You point a gun/facsimille at a cop and you get shot to shit, you deserved it.

FroneAmy said...

I kept getting the 'antenna not detected' error with my old Starmate. With the orange screen? Thankfully we'd gotten the warranty on it, so I got the new Starmate, the Replay. I don't know if it happens a lot, but I have no doubt it has to do with the thing overheating all the time.

And yes, I don't care if the gun is a BB gun. You point a gun at a cop, you'd better damn well believe you are getting shot. ESPECIALLY if you just used it to rob someone! This Duji girl drives me nuts. I don't get her arguments. It wasn't like the guy was hanging around on a street corner and randomly pointed his finger at someone. It looks like a gun, you point it like you're going to shoot me, well, gee, fight or flight kicks in.

What is with Howard taking a vacation this week? Do they get a vacation once a month or something?

Anonymous said...

It seems like he's had more of the summer off than he's been working. Must be nice to get 50 million dollars and 6 months vacation time a year.

I've got the sporster replay with the big blue screen. For some reason my antenna on my truck crapped the bed, so it was a pain in the ass switching them out. It works again though. Now I need an antenna for my GTO kit. (I don't have that one permanently installed like I do the truck).

lugosi said...

All Sirius radios tend to run hot. It just seems to be normal for them. Maybe it has something to do with the voltage. The older Sirius radios ran with the full 12 volts put out by car batteries; the new Sportster 4 runs on 5 volts.
More importantly, Sirius tends to have more reception problems (trees, overpasses, a bird flying overhead) than XM.

As far as that survey goes: I tried searching for it but didn't have any luck. The only surveys that turned up concerning 9-11 were about the various conspiracy theories and how many morons believe in them.

Anonymous said...

9/11: Sat at home in England watching it unfold on the TV, not believing what I was seeing. I actually had the opportunity to have a drink in the 'Windows on the World' bar and I have never forgotten the view. A very sad day.
God bless America.