Sunday, August 06, 2006

My weekend

Yesterday I went to Columbus to go to the Ohio State Fair. I've been going almost every year since I was a wee thing. I love it. Lots of fried foods, lots of farm animals, the midway, the demos, etc. I can't pinpoint why I love it, it's probably just residual from being a kid. My mom and I go, and have a pretty good time. We see some of the CUTEST Canine Companions, one working and one in training. We see the FFA puppies, who are absolutely friggin ADORABLE. They're all different breeds, but they have a border collie, a black lab, two yellow labs, a corgi, a few beagles, etc.

We see a demo for field trials, with a golden retriever, a yellow lab, a chocolate lab, a black lab, and a German wire hair. They're all getting fake ducks out of this pond. I've never seen this done in person, but I love seeing working dogs in action. I watch Animal Planet fairly often. Am I a geek? Probably. I love dogs!

Anyway, blah blah, we went to the Gallery Hop after the fair. It's in the uber-hip Short North district, which is near OSU's campus. There are a ton of art galleries there, trendy little boutiques, and on the first Saturday of each month they keep the stores and galleries open late, and street performers do their thing, places have wine tastings, etc. It's a very urban, trendy thing to do. It's actually pretty fun, you see all sorts of people, and it's a different view of things. Makes Columbus seem like New York, if only for a few hours. Plus Cate was performing with Anatomical Scenario.

They were doing a fashion show at some store called G&Co. It's a boutique type store, with big name designer jeans, overly priced of course, and some cute shirts and stuff. So the girls are basically being living mannequins. They're in the windows, and they're drawing a HUGE crowd. Some people are FASCINATED. Cate's in the middle, in purple.

Some people are imitating them, or trying to get them to laugh. People are walking in the store, checking them all out, then shopping. I should mention that part of the Annadroid thing is a backlash against consumerism, and part of one of their performances is Shop-Buy-Swipe. So I thought it was a little ironic that they were in a high priced boutique doing this. But whatever.

When they go to change, we cruise up and down High Street, and check out some of the other performances and such. Grimaldi Circus is there, doing stilt walking. They looked like flamingos, not sure why, but it was pretty amusing. We cruise back to see the girls again, and we ended up hanging out at this boutique, either inside or out, the rest of the night. At one point three guys and one girl come in, looking very ... L.A. The guys are all in black with their hair all slicked back and stuff, and the girl is uber-fake platinum blond, with big plastic boobs and a bad tan. I HATE when people act pretentious for attention, so I'm ignoring them, natch. They know the shop owner, or the manager or something, so they're 'in', hanging out with the employees. Who are also very trendy, running around in ultra chic clothing and acting snobby to the patrons. Kind of boring, but again, whatever. One of them goes up to the Annadroids, stops in front of Cate, and is pantomiming with her. My mom says "I think he's trying to direct her." In this picture, Cate's on the right, in the black funky print dress. Thats a real mannequin behind her.

He makes a motion like he's lighting a cigarette or joint, and then pulls it from his mouth like he's offering it to her. She pantomimes taking it, dropping it on the ground, and smashing it with her CFM shoes. I love it. She got the smart-ass genes after all.

At one point one of the employees comes over to us and says "They just got in from Hollywood." (Gag) "have you seen Napoleon Dynamite? that's Pedro."

HAHAHAHAHAHA! As it turns out, Efren Ramirez has a twin brother who lives in Columbus, or goes to OSU or something. Not really sure what the story is, but they're both in the store right now. And let me tell you they are IDENTICAL. Then the employee says "Go talk to him!"

I said 'No way.' I'm not into celebrity fawning. What am I going to say to him? "Oh I've seen you in a movie or two. Cool." WTF? First of all, half the time celebrities don't want to be approached because they're a celebrity. I would imagine it gets old. So I'm not going to do it. Second of all, if they DO want to be approached, it's an ego-stroking thing, so I'm not going to do it!

To make the story even longer, apparently these guys were quite enamored of the Annadroids, and ended up inviting them out to a club afterward. I think they were actually going in costume. I haven't talked to Cate yet today to find out if she went or had fun, but I'm sure there'll be an update on her blog.


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