Monday, August 14, 2006

Please come home

This report is a worthy (if lengthy) read about body armor.

The IACP/Dupont (Kevlar, natch) publishes a list of people who survived attacks because of their vests. I say 'attacks' because there are documented cases of officers lives being saved while in an auto accident, or a non-ballistics attack (read: baseball bats, blunt objects). They also estimate the average cost of an officer's life loss at 1.3 million dollars. Surely the cost of a vest is justifiable by that figure.

Plus, to the spouses, children, and families of the officers, $1.3 million is a paltry sum. We'd much rather you come home. Wear it, and be safe.


IACP/Dupont Kevlar Survivors' Club. 3000 as of June 2006. WEAR IT. We love you.


Anonymous said...

If I'm worth 1.3 million, how come my family only gets 100,000 if I eat it on duty?

FroneAmy said...

Because your funeral costs x amount, and lost wages is another amount, and etc. etc.

that figure comes from IACP; if you'd like I can look up the report and tally up what the amounts point is that you guys are worth much more than the 1.3 they guesstimate for you. And your woman isn't going to run around in your shirt if you aren't around to let her wear wear it dammit! ;)

Anonymous said...