Saturday, October 28, 2006

Summary of car theft shooting

Well since I have a more level head about it now, here's my summary. I never wish anyone death. It is tragic Quavale Finnell died this week. I do think it's a direct result of parenting that people end up following the paths that lead them to death while committing a crime. I'm sorry if that sounds harsh. I think it's sad that the foster system must have failed him, and yes, I feel that it did. He was living in a tiny house with many siblings, considered semi-homeless, and was committing crimes. That's not a success story.

I think probably Bennie Hall mis-used his weapon. I don't know for sure, and I will never know for sure. I wasn't there. I wasn't Bennie Hall. Who knows what he felt at that moment, except him. I do think people should be able to act in defense of their own property, but I don't personally think it's worth a life. If we settled crimes in the eye-for-an-eye way, car theft wouldn't have resulted in death, I don't think. I'd like to think if I was on the grand jury, if Bennie Hall does in fact face a jury, that I'd hear the truth, and that I'd make a sound judgment.
Another Cincinnati blogger found my blog because of this story, and offers a very insightful post, asking some excellent questions. You can find that here: BlackCincinnati Blog.

I got so outraged at what I was hearing from people because it strikes so many similar chords to young black males in Cincinnati dying at the hands of the police. I hate to hear people martyring these so-called victims. Having just been to a funeral earlier this week, I know first hand that in death, we always try to remember the best about a person, not the worst. But that can't be a reason to justify what caused the death. And I don't see the point in attacking Bennie Hall for doing what he did. Hopefully the justice system won't fail him too, and fail society by whatever decision is made about this example.

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