Friday, October 06, 2006


Well today J had to do a special detail. He got to work this morning, only to be told he had to go babysit a prisoner at the hospital. Overnight she'd claimed to have had a seizure, so they had to take her to get tested and such. It's still not clear if she actually did have a seizure, but I gotta be honest. A seizure would be a great excuse if you wanted to get out of jail for the weekend. Without a video on her 24 hrs a day, it would be nearly impossible to prove it happened, and all they can do is a litany of tests on her. Meanwhile she probably gets better food and a nicer bed, plus some privacy. Needless to say, J was pretty bored. I can tell you from personal experience he doesn't like sitting at the hospital with someone he chooses to be there with. Not a lot of people do. He was probably going to have to stay at the hospital til midnight tonight, until he'd reached the limit of the allowable consecutive work hours, and someone else would relieve him.

I offered to bring him a book or food. Some of the nicer nurses brought him a bunch of magazines, and a word-search. I can only imagine how bored he'd have to be before he did that, but I digress. He had hospital cafeteria food for lunch, but then tonight after I had fed myself and the dogs, he called to say his choices were some cod or scary looking beef for dinner in the cafeteria, and would I be so kind as to bring him Subway? By the time I got to the hospital, things had turned around and the prisoner was due to be released either from the court or from the hospital, I'm still not quite sure of the details. But it meant he'd be done at 8 pm, not midnight. So there's that silver lining...

It's a full moon out tonight. I know lots of guys who are on extra look out for the loonies tonight...speaking of which, did you know the word lunatic has at its roots 'lunar' which is of course, related to the moon? Yup, lunatics were always associated with the full moon. Neat little etymology lesson for you there. Can't remember where I learned that one.

At 10 weeks, Squirt is now the size of a walnut, roughly. She (He, if you ask J) has fully formed fingers and toes, and is probably learning how to flip me off, since the fingers are separated now. Something I learned today is that the 'yolk' is starting to disappear. Did you know we all had a yolk? I had the funny image in my head of a nice little yellow egg yolk next to the fetus. I don't think I'll be able to eat sunny side up eggs for a while....Anyway, after getting a peek at the maternity floor at the hospital J was 'stationed' at (BN), and having already visited the maternity ward at the hospital I'm *supposed* to deliver at (GS), I've made up my mind. I want to go to THAT hospital! J's sister had both her girls at BN, and I guess I just got a better vibe off that hospital. Plus, having personally visited GS already (I was just getting IV fluids due to dehydration) and not being impressed with the staff OR the facilities, I gotta say I'm already starting to figure out a way to go to BN.


frhe sjgg said...


Babysitting prisoners is indeed highly boring... Good he got off a wee bit early !

Definitely go to the hospital you prefer.

It is one of the most important days of your life -- and you need to feel comfortable with the staff, the level of care, and the set-up they have in L&D.

Squirt also has a heartbeat now....

Blessings to you, your husband and the walnut !

Have a good weekend, and thanks for commenting on my blog today !

Anne Elizabeth

Brent said...

Watching over hospitalized prisoners is B O R I N G!!!!!! Unless, of course, I caused the injury. *my bad*

And, yes, that cut-out of daddy at war is really creepy!!