Friday, October 13, 2006


Probably my favorite costume in quite a number of years...

I think this was the year J was a GSW victim...the theme of the part was "death" so your costume had to be someone dead. I was so caught up in planning the party that I forgot to come up with my own idea, but someone I work with supplied the beginnings of this idea. Since I work in healthcare (corporate R&D though, nothing fun) someone else came up with the not-so-bright idea of making me look like I was still smoking by using a 200ml syringe filled with dry ice. I decided against that, since I didn't want to *really* have burns on me.

Definitely my best costume to date.


Anonymous said...

Told you you should've cut the blue wire.

La Spud said...

pick any one but the green one


wil said...

I sent my daughter this pic as an idea for her halloween costume.