Saturday, October 28, 2006


So today J and I are on the freeway, doing a reasonable speed. It's a Saturay morning, so there's a fair amount of traffic. This white car comes flying up behind us, probably doing 80. In a 55 zone. She zooms into the middle lane, and at first swerves to cut in front of us. There's another car in front of us, so instead she swerves back over to the right lane, to pass the group of cars. We come around a curve, and general traffic hits the brakes or at least lets off the gas, because there's a Hamilton County deputy running laser, pointed right at us. Blond sorority girl in white car slams on brakes so hard, her front end almost eats pavement. Pretty funny. If she'd had packages in the trunk, they'd have been on the passenger seat next to her. Deputy puts laser away, hops in car.
Here's a little tip for those of you driving around with those stupid radar/laser detectors. They don't work.
Here's another tip. When you see a cop shooting radar/laser at you, it's too late. He's already seen you, even if you think you saw him first. He already knows how fast you're going.
At this point, I get a gleeful little giggle, because it ALWAYS happens that you see some yahoo driving like an idiot and you just wish, JUST this once, that a cop would see it too, so they'd get in trouble. This was just the first time it happened in front of me. Most of the time when it happens and I'm with J, he says something like, "Why don't people do that shit in front of me when I can do something about it!"
Deputy hops in his car, takes his time pulling into traffic. Meanwhile, Goldilocks is doing about 50, and checking her side mirror more than looking in front of her. By now I think most of the other cars know who's getting busted, so they're all moving out of Mr. Deputy's way. He zips right over, and gets in the lane right behind Goldi. No sooner did he flip on his lights, that she put on her turn signal to get over. She knew what was coming.
It was about that point that I stopped feeling the schadenfreude. Who hasn't been speeding along, thinking they wouldn't get caught? So she probably got her ticket, and at least for today will not zip around like a speed demon, weaving in and out of traffic.

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Lugosi said...

Yeah, but she'll probably end up blaming the cop for giving her ticket even though she's such a safe driver.