Thursday, October 05, 2006

Justice is served

OK I can't find the post, but I swear I wrote on here about the guy who robbed a UDF, and beat the clerk half to death. When the police showed up, they thought the woman was dead. Fortunately she was still alive. I know she was in the ICU for a while. Anyway, J actually heard about that asshole's trial recently. He got 3 years for the robbery, and 7 for the assault. I was glad to hear that; at least they put more weight on the woman's life than on the material items. J said he heard that the clerk wasn't doing too good these days, though. Has agoraphobia, can't work at her old job anymore. Then I felt like the asshole didn't get enough time in prison. AHA I found the old post.

On a side note, anybody remember Teddy Ruxpin? Playskool has come out with a newer version, only now they're calling it T.J. Bearytales. What a rip.

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frhe sjgg said...

Poor woman... He deserved a lot more than 10 years.

Anne Elizabeth