Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Fun day

Well this morning J and I got to hear Squirt's heartbeat for the very first time! It was awesome. Dr. K said it was between high 150s and low 160s. It was kind of surreal, but J and I both immediately got huge smiles on our faces. And I found out my blood type is O+. What good is having O if it isn't Oneg to donate? But that means I am RH positive, which means I don't have to worry about antibodies attacking my baby's blood type. Of course this means they don't automatically test J, so he still doesn't know what blood type he is. He wants to write it on the inside of his vest. I personally think it's a little morbid, but a necessary evil in that career path. Do any of you LEO readers have your blood type and/or any other medical info taped to your vest, or otherwise found on your body in case of emergency?

For your viewing pleasure, I'd like to present Cate. I'm not sure if she's on something here, but she's with her dance troup and talking about horror movies.

I'd like to have more halloween links out there for you guys, but I've been out and about all day so haven't gotten the chance. I'm seriously toying with the idea of being a hot cop for halloween. Not so easy with the growing pooch I once called my stomach. Alternately, since it's so freaking cold in Cincinnati, I'd really like to be Max from "Where the Wild Things Are". C'mon, I'd get to wear footy pajamas! Man it's no wonder Maurice Sendak won the Caldecott for that book...

Ooh, ooh I almost forgot. J's 5.11 pants finally came today. He ordered them directly from Galls. He was so excited he called me at work to tell me. It was pretty cute. He is considering trying out one of their compression shirts, similar to the HeatGear by UnderArmor. 511 claims their shirts compress more or less in certain areas to prevent the shirt bunching up. Guess we'll see how he likes them if he tries them. I know Bobby mentioned he owns some 5.11 gear....anybody else have any reviews on their compression shirts?


Andy said...

I'm not a Leo, but I've known my blood type & had it in my wallet since I was 17. It's on my blood donor card. I know you're too little to give blood, but I'm surprised Jim hasn't. (I'm not judging; there could be any number of personal reasons that he might not be able to; he seems like a healthy guy, though.)

I'm glad to hear that you and Squirt are doing well. In other baby news, I'm an uncle as of 7:47 EST last night.

La Spud said...

i'm not on anything

i'm just really enthused about the movie

love you!!

FroneAmy said...

Congratulations, Uncle Grimm! How cute. Boy or Girl?

Jim actually has given blood, but the first time he did it was in high school (in Columbus), and apparently they didn't bother telling people their type. Then he's given blood once or twice through his old job here where we live, but for some odd reason never found out his type then either. If he goes through Hoxworth (not sure if they had them in Dayton) they give you a card when you first give. Maybe one of these days he will give again and find out. I think it's a great thing, and I'd do it if I could. Ironically, my sister is about an inch taller than me, and skinny as a rail due to dance, but she's O-. She also gets a buzz after one whole beer. Hate to see what happens after they took a pint...actually I think I'd *like* to see that, LOL

Andy Grimm said...

It's a girl, Lilly Grimm. Now your blog will officially be her first entry in Google's database. :-)

RE: giving blood, Dayton was all "Community Blood Center," so I have a card from them plus one from the Red Cross. I haven't heard of Hoxworth, but it's interesting how all the blood mobiles are done regionally. Growing up, I thought it was all done by the Red Cross, silly me.

As for types, I'm AB+, so they keep trying to get me to do "apheresis" (donating plasma & platelets rather than whole blood), because those components are useful to a larger group of people. Since you're Rh+, maybe you can do that someday. (It's worth noting that 85% of the world is Rh+, anyway, so you're pretty darn close to being a universal donor).

cathy said...

I'm glad you got to listen to the heartbeat. When I went with my DIL last month I got to listen to the heartbeat.

I'm so happy for you. Isn't Ohio terribly cold already? I'm about 130 miles N of where you are in Cinn. and it is freezing here.