Thursday, October 19, 2006

Keep yourself informed

With all the scary new threats made by North Korea, I felt it important that I start learning more about what was going on. Not that it will stop a war by any means, but I think I should be aware, for my own sake.

Came across this article in Newsweek, which is very frightening, and very informative about past and present efforts in dealing with (or not dealing with) North Korea and their nuclear weapons development. I'd strongly suggest you read it. It talks about what our government did under Clinton, and how that changed drastically under Bush. It talks about possible method behind the madness for Kim Jong Il. It's an eye-opener.

In other news, the US denied entry to a major Muslim leader who holds British citizenship, and constantly speaks out against violence, both to the general public and to the Muslim world. Nobody is really sure why they denied him entry. I'm sorry if you disagree with me, but I do NOT agree with over-generalized 'profiling'. This man doesn't fit the profile of a terrorist, and he was coming to New York to speak at a conference at New York University Law School.

As a cop's wife, I understand that the media attacks the word 'profiling' and uses it to sound as though cops are doing something dirty or racist. I understand that when a call comes out over the radio for a suspect who is 5'10, black, 16-20 years of age, wearing a white oversized t-shirt and jeans, and you, as a cop, see someone fitting that description, you are actually profiling. I don't think that's a bad thing. How else do we expect you to catch suspects? I think when you only have one word to describe your suspect, "Muslim", and you immediately hound all people fitting that description, that's where it becomes negative and should be avoided. That's why those descriptions that come out over the radio or posted on your bulletin boards are so descriptive.

Anyway, since we've started watching Jericho, I'm just hoping we don't actually get into a nuclear war. It's too scary to think about. Do you know what *you* would do if we were attacked? It's unfortunate, but we might all need to start coming up with our own disaster plans.

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