Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Night time

So now that J has a 'normal' schedule due to court services, we've had to readjust to sleeping in bed at the same time. We're both so used to sleeping with the whole bed to ourselves, that it's almost like starting from scratch. I'd forgotten how warm he is when he sleeps. He'd forgotten that I'm a cuddler. For those of you who don't get Amy-speak, cuddling means I move in to wrap myself around him, and since he sleeps warm, he moves over to get some space. I then move into that space, which means halfway through the night he wakes up halfway off the bed. To make matters worse, Holly, our smaller dog (note I said smallER, not small) likes to sleep on the bed next to her mama, and she takes after me in the cuddling sense. So we have woken up sometimes with her in the middle, me partly on J's side, and J falling off the bed. It's got to be hysterical on tape, if only we had a cctv.

But anyway, it's weird still. It's not been quite a week and we haven't gotten into a rhythm yet. I keep forgetting during the day that he's actually awake. And when he says he's tired at 10:30 at night, I think he's going to take a nap before shift.

We've been sleeping in the same bed for over 6 years now, but it's strange how a year of third shift will mess with the household routine.

Quick Squirt update: Squirt is now slightly over 3 centimeters, roughly an inch and a half. Weighs about the same as an American nickel. I have to eat constantly throughout the day to avoid throwing up, which has led to my stomach growing quite a bit. And I don't have anything to blame it on but myself. In a few months I can play off the stomach as being a baby, but right now it's just fat. And compared to other preggers / mamas I know and talk to, I supposedly have the worst nausea/vomiting that they've heard of. Great. That's comforting. At first I wasn't going to write a lot about the pregnancy on my blog, but I realized it's all part of being a cop's wife. Of course, it's part of being anybody's wife, should you decide to have a child. Plus, it's my blog. :) And they really are lying when they call it morning sickness. I am the least sick in the morning. It's the worst at bedtime.

Hope everybody is enjoying this crazy fall weather. Today it was almost 90 degrees here in the Queen City, and tomorrow it's only supposed to be in the 60s. I love Ohio weather.
Hope everybody is also gearing up for elections. They are going to have the no-smoking in public places bill(s) on the ballot this year, which I am most excited about. GO VOTE!


frhe sjgg said...

Definitely will vote for anything that is non-smoking ! Yuck.

The all-day sickness is a bummer. It does pass. Eventually.

Fall is coming to us on the Coast, as well... It's kind of nice to feel the air be crisp in the mornings...

When schedules change, it does take a bit of time to adjust... You guys will get your rhythem -- just about the time they change shifts again !

Be safe.

Anne Elizabeth

cathy said...

Amy, I can relate to how you feel. When I was pregnant I also had evening sickness. I usually felt good in the morning but by evening it was a different story.Maybe it will pass soon..I hope for your sake it is only first trimester sickness.

Amy, I have to ask if you are going to join us tomorrow in our "Innocent Victim" stories. I have your link up (with a question mark beside it) because I'm not sure if you decided to do it or not. Please let me know so I know rather to keep your link up or not. All the links wil be on everyone's (21 I think now) blog and you might get alot of hits from people looking for your story.

I don't want you to feel pressured or like you have to do it . I just don't want to remove your link if you are doing it, nor do I want you to get overwhelmed with visitors looking for your story if you aren't. Just let me know and I will adjust the links.

I hope you are having a great day! Keep the saltine crackers near by in the evening.