Monday, July 17, 2006

Sex, drugs & rock n roll. OK, no drugs.

Today I heard the song "Inside of You" by Hoobastank again. That song rocks! Kinda goes along with "Crazy Bitch" by Buckcherry.

J was off last night and again tonight. But we were talking about sexual harassment and he mentioned that if someone wasn't used to it, and they walked into the barn (their name for the station), they'd be horrified. I admit I am pretty used to crass discussions, and in the right mood I can add my own $.02, but technically that constitutes sexual harassment. I wouldn't personally be offended and report somebody for talking about general topics. But if I was really offended I would probably call that guy out on the floor and tell him to shut his mouth because he's being an idiot. Then again, I don't really have to worry about that kind of thing, working in the corporate world. I only have to worry about letting the occasional 4-letter word slip through. Jim, on the other hand, never has to watch his mouth at work. I have suggested to him that perhaps he ought to keep it clean around the public, but I think I got laughed at.

Anyway, I am not bothered by someone talking about general sex. I tend to not get offended by much until they start to talk about stereotyping, or talking down about women to perpetuate the "barefoot and pregnant" bullshit.

J says nobody does it as harassment. There are a few female deputies at his post, and they seem to chip in as much. I think that would be a common defense against it. I get that it's not intentional. But the line gets drawn when someone doesn't appreciate that kind of banter, and is too intimidated, I guess, to say something about it. It makes for an uncomfortable work environment. But it seems the guys were all like that at his last department, too. There were no female officers there. And firemen also tend to have potty mouths, at least in my limited experience. Is this something that perpetuates itself in a largely fraternal environment? Are most departments like that? Is it stress relief?

Anyway, the only time it becomes a problem is around our nieces, who are not-quite-2 and 4 1/2 years old. Since he doesn't have to watch his mouth at home, or at work, it seems to be next-to-impossible for him to watch it around the girls. Since the younger niece is at that "I repeat EVERYTHING" stage, it's a problem again. The best was when his sister called and left this message:
"Hey J it's your sister. I just had to let you know the choice phrase your niece used the other day, and I KNOW she learned it from you. And I quote, "Mommy, this movie is fucking silly. Thanks a lot." Click.

I had to laugh because in this family, J is definitely the only person who would use 'fucking silly'. If you've never heard the wav file "Usage of the word fuck", you definitely need to enlighten yourself. J has probably used it in every possible way. Adjective, adverb, noun, does it shock me that they all talk this way on his shift? Is it par for the course?

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Anonymous said...

Hahaha, sounds like Jim and I would get along famously!