Saturday, July 15, 2006

Life of a Wife

Been surfing a lot of the other cop blogs out there, especially LAPD wife. Found this post, which is pretty damn funny and also really true. It's things that only a police spouse is bound to hear. I have to say the only one I haven't heard (or heard a variation of), is asking a prostitute what she's doing later. Then I read this post about police wives in the media. Made me think of the time I spoke to the news reporter outside the station (boy was J not happy about that) about the illustrious mayor of our little burg calling the police chief on the main line to the station (the lines are all taped going in and out) and calling my husband and a few other guys there assholes and bragging that they would soon be gone, etc. He was pissed because, shortly after attempting to get my husband and two other cops, as well as four of the firemen all laid off because he'd rather "kick off parades and kiss babies" than actually protect the people who elected him; well, he was pissed because then he tried to wave to J and (shock!) J didn't wave back. so he decided to call the station and start swearing up a storm, claiming he was being followed around town home from the bars, etc....anyway, I don't want to get into all that bullshit. But it made me realize it's probably a pretty good thing I didn't do this blog then. I would have used up all the free space blogger has to offer me with a lot of swear words. (Wouldn't you know it, I can't find an archived article anywhere about that situation.) Anyway, her post is really about how police wives are portrayed in Hollywood, and how we don't really fit any of those stereotypes. I have to say I don't think I've ever met a police wife who fits any of those stereotypes. No badge bunnies, only one partnership that was two officers, and, by and large, strong, supportive women with lives of their own. I'd like to think that I support J as much as I possibly can. I don't harangue him when he doesn't get chores done because of overtime (and the overwhelming need to actually attempt to get a few hours of decent sleep), I listen to him rant when he runs into the supreme a-holes on the street, and I try to be his best friend. God knows he is my best friend beyond anything I ever could have expected. I just hope I am being that for him.

Just found another blog, although it doesn't look like she updates very often.

Frone is a cute phonetic mis-spelling of freund, the german word for friend. You have to have seen the show Animaniacs when it was on to get the joke, but J's screenname, when we first met (in person, not online) was Fronelavin. Eventually I became Froneamy, and I've been Frone online for a long time now. So it seemed to fit when I started the blog. But in the process of nurturing this little blog, I'm seeing the need to change it. I'm debating changing the name of my blog to Badge Bunny. But I know that can be a derogatory term so I'm still debating it. Although he didn't become a cop until we'd been together five years already, J had always, from the day I met him, wanted to be a police officer. And we've been married over three years now, and he's been a cop for four. And I have to be honest, I like cops. They're great guys! They're hysterical, honest, hard working...hmm, seems like I have a theme of 'h' adjectives going have I become a badge bunny from being around them, seeing behind the scenes, and so on? Definitely. Have I become a badge bunny in the sense that I will go after a hot cop just because he's in uniform? Ew, no. nevermind the fact that I am married! But in the sense that I go after a cop whenever I'm in the mood? Well...I can only say he loves it!

I just realized I'm sitting here blogging in one of his academy t-shirts that I inherited when he got back. Yeah, I think I'm changing the name.

Dammit, I want a better cutesy nickname than badge bunny! why don't cops wives have a nickname this catchy?

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Goddess said...

Since Badge Bunny has gotten a bad rep, may I suggest Cop Hopper? LOL....joking...