Wednesday, July 19, 2006

If it pays a lot, there's a reason. it usually sucks.

Damn blogspot. I just composed a really good entry, only to have it disappear when I hit "publish". Grr.

Negative, Ghostrider has a good post today about the 9/11 movies coming out. you should read it. If only I could figure out how to permalink to the post...

J got forced into overtime again this morning. He works midnight to 8 am, and comes home to go to sleep on a normal day. This means he sleeps all day while I am at work, and is up around the time I come home. We have dinner, spend time together, run errands or watch TV. today he got stuck working till noon, which means he is dragging ass. And is still asleep at 6:30 while I write this post (again, I might add). I always accept this and work around it, but dammit I want to bitch about it today! I want to spend time with him! Thbbt.

OK, I'm done.

Clicked over to TechEBlog's top 5 Strangest Military Gadgets today. Pretty cool stuff. My favorite is the BigDog, but I can see the most benefit out of the Cornershot. Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't it look like a regular handgun snaps into that thing? It basically enables you to fire around corners using a digital imager to see what's there. My main concern is that the targets are painted bright green, while civilians/hostages have red 'vests'. Do the targets need to be that distinctive from the non-targets? That could be pretty bad. But I could imagine the benefits would far outweigh the drawbacks of this weapon.


Anonymous said...

Forced overtime after a mid is the worst.

Lugosi said...

Blogger is notorius for disappearing posts. I learned a long time ago to copy things to the clipboard before hitting the publish button.
The other thing that has happened to some bloggers is that parts of the template disappear. That's a fun one, too.