Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Miscellaneous Rodriguez

Title of the blog today comes to you courtesy of a small family-owned Mexican grocery found in the city.

I like this guy. He's very amusing. I am giving him an official link because I was cracking up today reading his blog.

Shell Station


how did I not notice this entire time that my blog fucked itself up? This is supposed to say that there was a shootout at the Shell Station by my house. Within walking distance. I don't know where that part of the post went, though...Shootout

**end edit**

Lance Bass is gay. SHOCK! Didn’t he date some hollywood girls? Like Paris? Needless to say, I never saw this one coming. Really. And seriously, it really does need headline status on

Andrea Yates found not guilty by reason of insanity. Really? No kidding. I guess I thought mothers normally drowned their kids in the bathtub.

J had a quiet night followed by court this morning. It was a motion to suppress hearing, on a case he only showed up at to support the responding officer. He wasn’t really sure why he was there. Five minutes after it was scheduled, he called and said thankfully the prosecutor didn’t know why he was supposed to be there either. So he actually got to go home and go to sleep.

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