Friday, July 28, 2006

I'll get you my pretty...

So Wednesday night/Thursday morning, J is out and gets a call for a disturbance in a bar parking lot. Off they go, to find this guy tearing into his girlfriend. Gotta love a domestic, especially in public. Girlfriend is being uncooperative though, so they can't get this guy on much except disturbing the peace. I will never understand this to my dying day. How you could let someone beat up on you and not throw him in jail...anyway, so they are going to let him go with a skin, and the guy starts getting real belligerent and cocky, doing that chest-puffing tough guy intimidation thing. Not so smart when you are out-numbered by guys with guns. So he ends up on his face against a column. Does it again, says something smartass. Face, meet trunk. Now he's going to spend the night in jail.

So J's taking him to the jail, and the guy starts calling him Dorothy. Not exactly sure why, but the guy is drunk. So J says something about "yeah sure you're a tough guy now that you're in the back seat. Keep talking like that when you get to jail" and the guy says something about his red shoes! Now, I'm sure J was pretty pissed at this guy at the time, but in the re-telling, I am laughing hysterically! I was begging him to tell me that the guy had said "And your little dog, too!" Drunk people are funny. Well I take that back, they make funny stories.

Unfortunately the story ends with us not being able to eat at a certain restaurant now, because the guy is the GM there....dammit! Oh well, at least it's not "Don't eat there because we saw the kitchen and it's filthy"...that's happened more than once. Or my favorite, "don't eat there; they're selling crack out the drive-thru" !!!


La Spud said...


that made me laugh

lugosi said...

Did the drunk guy happen to go off on a rant about Jews? Maybe it was Mel Gibson.