Monday, July 31, 2006

Miami Vice

Well we saw Miami Vice last night. Originally when we heard there was going to be a Miami Vice movie, we both rolled our eyes, thinking it would be uber-cheesy, kinda like a Starsky & Hutch type remake. Then we heard it was being directed by Michael Mann. Then we saw a preview. Wow!

It was just as good as it looked from the previews. And not once did I hear J say "that gun wouldn't sound like that" or "those bullets wouldn't come from that gun". Heck, I didn't even get the "what gun is that?" pop quiz! What I'm getting at is that my husband really liked it. You probably will too.

Plus, Colin Farrell is super hot. He's definitely on my top 5 'freebie' list. Yum. I know some people think he's dirty, but he's just the right amount of dirty. Except for the smoking. But you know he'd be really good at it; that's why he's on my list. Isn't that why so many guys like Angelina Jolie?

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