Friday, July 28, 2006

Breasticles again??? WTF?

This is getting ridiculous. What is this, national boob day? Ed will get the hugest kick out of this story though...

This afternoon, I get home from work and hubby wakes up. Before we get dinner with his parents, we decide to go shopping quickly to get him a few new pairs of shorts. It's terribly humid again, so I throw on a tank top, leave my jeans on (love casual Fridays!) and we go to Old Navy. He picks out two pairs, goes to try them on real quick before we leave. Good thing, too, because they were too big. So I run back out to get the right size. There's a guy with his wife and kids, wearing sunglasses in the store, and I'm pretty sure he's staring at me. The uncomfortable neck position kinda gave it away. But I ignore it, grab the shorts, and go back. There he is again. *ugh*. J decides he wants them, we walk out. He goes to look at one more thing, and as soon as he's out of view, like magic here comes my blind friend. Still staring. But I tend to be a bit paranoid in public, so I dismiss it as me making it up. He is, after all, wearing sunglasses. Maybe he's a vampire. Who knows.

We go up to the register, and J takes a detour toward yet another display of shorts. And he's the one who wanted to hurry out of the store! But hey, if he's wandering, I'm taking advantage. I wander over to the women's clothes. I'll be damned if this guy wasn't stalking me! It's not like Old Navy is a boutique store! Anyway, then an employee is buzzing around, and says "Are you finding everything OK?"

Now, I worked at Old Navy in college, and I know it's policy to address your customers. Plus I don't need help shopping today, so I reply, "Yeah, thanks."

She says, in a conspiratorial tone, "Hey come here, I need to tell you something."

My gut reaction is that this is a sneaky sales pitch for her to get me to sign up for a credit card. Why? Because I already fell for it there. You get money back!

Anyway, she comes around the display and whispers to me, "I just wanted to let you know that your shirt is pretty see-through."


So I respond, "Well that explains quite a bit then!" She laughs and says "I'd want someone to tell me if it was me so I figured I'd tell you." I said "I just can't believe my husband didn't tell me before we left the house!"

It's a good thing I'd spotted a comfy looking shirt not two minutes before hand. Ha ha, now I get to buy something today too!

Naturally, DH thinks this is the funniest thing in the world. But hey, at least I was right about the guy staring at me!

Ed will find this hysterical because when we were in college, he always used to yell at me for wearing a tank top without a bra.

I'm done with boobs, I swear!


Anonymous said...

This post is worthless without pics.


FroneAmy said...

Bobby, are you sure you and Jim aren't separated at birth?

lugosi said...

Ditto on Bobby's comment.