Wednesday, October 26, 2005

update after two week hiatus

So I haven't updated in a while. What's new? Let's see. My knee hasn't clicked in quite some time. Got skin and blood tested for possible milk allergies, and nut allergies. ha ha, no, tree nuts. And peanuts, while they were at it. Turns out I'm technically not allergic to milk but I still show an allergic reaction. WTF? If I drink milk straight, or have it with cereal, my lips start itching, my throat and mouth start itching...even my skin and ears. This is not to be confused with a milk intolerance, which is what happens when people say they are lactose intolerant. i.e. milk gives them.. well, let's just say it sends those people to the bathroom in a rush. What I have is classified as an immune system reaction, which is what 'allery' means.

The halloween party is almost here. I have been all over the web, getting ideas. I have been making bones and skeleton hands out of 'Great Stuff' spray foam insulation. That stuff really is great. We tried to make a mummy by duct-tape wrapping Jim...that is still in the works. I'm not sure that idea is going to be quite as successful.

Here comes Holly with the moose again. Any time I'm on the phone or on the computer, she goes in search of it. The other day when I was making skeletons with the Great Stuff, she sat in the insulation. And then wiped it on Charlie. So we had to shave spots off both the dogs. Not fun.

T minus 10 days till Mike and Cara get married. And we leave for DISNEY WORLD!!!!!!!! Wooo! Yay us but we are sad because we have to miss the wedding.

Jim got some game the other day, Ghost Recon 3 or Rogue Spear 3, something... at any rate he's been playing it like a fool. It's something that begins with an S...SOCOM 3. He loves those fps games. Our niece, Emma, turns 4 tomorrow. That's....that's about all I can think of for this update.

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