Tuesday, October 11, 2005

things that make you go 'hmm'

So my knee 'clicks' when I walk now. Weird! I should clarify; it clicks when I bend it enough. If I walk up the stairs, it's very audible. Am I getting old?

So I was dreading going to work today; I knew I'd have to deal with the Lou crap. Sure enough, Lou was in talking to HR when I got there, and not long after, he pops up at my desk to make his crapology. Now, HR and my boss-boss both say Lou claims he was thinking about it all weekend, he was bothered by it, and he wanted to sincerely apologize. Well, that's fine if they believe that, maybe they know him better than I do. But when someone says "I apologize for speaking strongly to you. But you wouldn't take the form from me and it was a trivial form to begin with" blah blah, you were in the wrong, I'm not really sorry, how dare you think I was wrong for shaking the paper in your face which I just admitted to but now am denying...HR says he believes Lou because he wanted to apologize before HR asked him to. Yeah, right. If Lou had any common sense whatsoever, and I believe he is rather shrewd, he would have realized he *was* in the wrong, but he'd better make good with work by apologizing before they reprimand him. Rob tells me he doesn't believe Lou is being intentionally malicious. I don't believe that either, I just believe he's an asshole, knows it, and doesn't care that he's an asshole.

So it was a wonderful start to my Monday. Nice and early bullshit.

The countdown is on to DISNEY!!! THREE WEEKS AND FIVE DAYS TILL WE LEAVE FOR THE MAGIC KINGDOM! Call me a geek but that place is just awesome. It's only been four years since the last time, so there can't be much that's changed BUT the best part will be that Emma is old enough to enjoy it now! We'll be there right after her 4th birthday. Catie, of course, being one year old, isn't going. But we are pretty much centering the trip around Emma. Although I did kind of get suckered into a 'breakfast with the princesses'. Yay.

I've been a scrapbooking fiend lately. WTF? Am I a geek? Did I get old and not know it? Not that old people necessarily scrapbook, but I am a homebody, I crab about my back hurting, and we go to bed early. When did this happen!

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