Monday, October 03, 2005

another dollar

Imagine that. Georgie W picks YET ANOTHER friend of his for a high ranking position. Color me shocked.

Today was somewhat uneventful. My supervisor left before noon without telling hardly anybody where he was going. Also neglected to tell us he was going to be gone for two days. WTF? I am continually shocked as to how he has gotten the position as a supervisor, for one, and also continued to hold the position. Given that he hardly does any work whatsoever. I was actually busy the whole day though, which was great. The day FLEW by!

Ed's blog was pretty amusing today. I don't know why specifically.

My headache seems to have gone away. I am wondering, though, if it really is/was a sinus infection. More on that later.

Went to the Bengals' game yesterday, against the Houston Texans. Bengals won, although I can hardly say it was a commendable victory. Defense was shot; 76 kept false starting (is it really that hard to wait for the snap?), and half our points were from field goals. WTF? I expected nothing less than a blowout. But we are now 4-0. Our seats were in the sun the entire game, so the 6 of us, Barb, Jim, me, Jeremy, Melissa and Teresa, all ended up getting a little crispy. Not to mention we were all ready to vomit from heat stroke by the end of the game. Who knew a football game in October was bikini weather?

Why is it I only think of profound things to discuss when I am not near the computer?

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