Friday, October 07, 2005

311 - Love Song

I think you guys suck because you don't leave comments. I feel unloved.

So I haven't updated in a few days because my bonehead doctor decided to give me meclizine for my swimmy dizzy head. I told him, clear as day, that I do not take Benadryl because I hate the way antihistimines make me feel like a zombie. Now let me clarify that Meclizine is an antihistimine they give to people who get motionsick. It's prescription strength. I.E. I got a prescription strength antihistamine that made me feel like a prescription strength zombie. uh, DUH!!! So I spent the entire day, almost, on the couch in a coma. Not at work. Now I hate calling off work being sick because nobody ever actually believes you're sick. If someone you work with calls off sick, unless you have personally seen them being actually sick, do you believe them? Nobody does. Now why would you give someone a prescription that they've already told you they don't like, less than a week later? Geez.

Deep Fried Pizzas at the in-laws tonight. Yum. The halloween party is slowly and surely coming together. Bought a jump drive tonight, Lexar, 512mb at Target for 44.99. Thought it was a good price. Cate finally decided that college is a good idea. She's thinking Otterbein. I hope they have a good dance program.

Thank God tomorrow is Friday. I need a weekend! Wait, I always need a weekend.

Got the Eye Toy for PS2 the other day. It's great! It's such a kid's game but it's tons of fun. Yeah, I'm a geek. so what?

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