Sunday, December 31, 2006

My blog

I've had a little disclaimer on the sidebar of this blog since I started it. You're welcome to comment, to disagree, whatever. I have never invited anyone to my blog directly, nor have I requested or demanded (yes, you, anne elizabeth, I know you still visit. Anonymous isn't very anonymous when you're stupid.) to be linked to. I think it's cool if you visit, even more cool if you return to read, and pretty damn flattering if you link to me.

If you don't like something I write, please feel free to disagree. In fact, I pretty much expect it. I don't write things like "Today the sky was blue." I know what I'm writing about is often controversial and I am fully aware of the fact that I believe things differently than your average, white bread, Republican policeman. (And I can say that because my husband is a shining example of "The Man".) But that little disclaimer on my sidebar has said, from the beginning, "I like comments. But I like real comments, not people being assholes. If you have something constructive to add, by all means please speak up. If you just like to lurk, please lurk. I don't take flaming lightly. I will erase those comments."

I love a good debate. Bring it on. But do it logically. Use reason, research, fact, even your own opinion. But don't attack me. I do not attack people that I disagree with, and that's my one request of you; respect that and return it. Calling me hormonal just because you're having a shitty day (and happen to know I'm pregnant) is being an asshole. Or showing up anonymously and berating me cause you can't use intelligence to argue your point, well, that just gets your comment deleted. You'll notice, if you go through past posts, I never deleted any comments where people disagree with me. Nor have I been nasty in response. However, if you're nasty to me, yep, I reserve the right to be a bitch back. Today was the first time I deleted a comment. The person didn't have anything constructive to add, and basically felt like blaming me for something that happened to her at some point in the past (that coincidentally wasn't me, although I'd like to have taken credit for it).

I realize I have different viewpoints. Sometimes they may not make sense to some people, especially cops. It's funny that I know enough cops and since I'm married to one (and have them in the family as well) that I'm expected to bow down and have the exact same opinion as cops? Nope. Not gonna happen. Sure there's a lot of things I do agree with, but I'm not a sheep.

Anyway, by all means, disagree with me. Tell me so. But expect a good debate, if I want to debate about it. (If I don't want to debate about it, I'll just let it go) And don't read into my tone. It's the damn internet, there is no tone except the one you're making up in your head. If you can't handle a debate, know what they say about the heat.


wil said...

Hey, sweetheart.

How about a baby update?


Lugosi said...

I strenuously disagree with your invitation to have people disagree with you.

Brandon said...

I've learned over the past few years to completely ignore a person's thoughts & opinions about me on a blog or discussion board. If they like my point of view, fantastic. If they don't and choose to attack me for it, it's their decision. I've chosen to concentrate on what people who I talk to in real life think of me, that's what really matters after all.