Tuesday, December 05, 2006

How do Tasers work?

Found an article on Slate about how Tasers work. It's from a few weeks ago but it's a concise explanation. Also mentions that Taser International is suing some Ohio & Indiana coroners for implicating Taser in the cause of death. Yay Taser! The article ends by comparing the difference between a Taser shock and being hit by lightning. I wish I knew where to find independent studies on the effects of Tasers and stun guns, but today I'm a little too lazy to look them up.


Paradise Driver said...

How do Tasers work?

Very well, thank you.

kateykakes said...

I think I need a taser (well, I just want one really bad!)...I can think if more than one person to use it on, and I'd like to try it out on my next door neighbor first.

Brent said...

I was a Dallas cop for a year, but during that short time I was involved in the first Taser death in our city. We had some guy armed with a knife and out of his mind on drugs. My training officer and I were the first to respond, and immediately drew down on him. We almost had to shoot him, but another officer arrived just in time with a Taser. It took 2 cartridges to disarm him, but it worked. After being handcuffed and looked at by DFD, he decided to die on us. The media made a huge deal about it, and how we should've knocked the knife out of his hands with our batons or something. Ridiculous.

Link here.