Monday, December 04, 2006

Flirt much?

So last week J was escorting a female prisoner to court, and apparently she was trying to strike up a conversation or something. She looks at him and says "Why do you look so mean? Are you having a bad day?" Which doesn't surprise him or me, because he's always got that look on his face. If you don't know him, you'd think he was pissed off if he's not smiling. So he replies "No, not a bad day." Usually he looks the most mad if he's lost in thought and possibly doing something he isn't 100% fond of (like court services). So this prisoner, apparently either thinking she'd done something wrong OR trying to get on his good side, replies "Oh. Well you have really pretty eyes." He and I both laugh at this because he's already described this prisoner as having seen better days, most likely due to meth. She's missing half her front teeth. Lovely!

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