Thursday, November 09, 2006

The vest

I've blogged before about the necessity for cops to wear the vests they are given (most places) along with their uniform. I still strongly believe they should be mandatory. I know lots of departments don't require it, it's just strongly suggested you wear it. Right. It won't save you any more than a seatbelt. (Please recognize the HEAVY sarcasm here)

Yesterday J was scarfing his lunch, and threw the last bite of coney down in an effort to attend to someone who'd just walked in the courthouse. He either didn't chew enough, or it went down the wrong way, or something. He started choking. Lt happened to be nearby, attempted to do the heimlich. In case you don't know how to do the heimlich, you have to perform sharp, upward thrusts immediately below the sternum. Tactical vests cover this very area, as it's where most of your vital organs are located. J said he ended up getting one or two blows to his stomach, but it may have been enough to help him cough out the stuck item.

Although I'm very concerned that we may have to teach J how to chew his food all over again, it kind of made me wonder if that old joke about the hillbillies performing that "there 'hind lick' maneuver" didn't have some merit.


Thomas Vickers said...

I have a good friend with HPD(Houston) and their chief mandated that all on duty officers must wear their vests about a year ago. He wasn't too keen about it till the event below took place.

A 20 year vet who never wore his vest till the boss made it policy, took four rounds in the chest from a punk. Vest saved the officer's life and the perp took 3 .45 rounds in the pelvic area.

Barking Yak said...

I can't figure out our traffic guys. I haven't yet seen a traffic guy that wears his vest. My feeling is you never know who you're stopping, and if all you do is stop cars you might want to have the vest. Oh well... I always wear mine. I hope it doesn't interfere too much with the heimlich though. I have a tendency to choke on chicken (that's not "choke the chicken" for all you wise asses out there), to the point my wife has banned me from eating it (don't tell her I'm violate the ban regularly, my vest won't protect me from her).