Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ohio Smoking Ban

Pub owner whines that business may be lost due to smoking ban.

Um, people aren't going to just *stop* going out because they can't smoke in most public places anymore. Otherwise business would have been lost by all those non-smokers *NOT* going out! Plus it's not like those smokers have anywhere else to go to spend their money so they can smoke. Do you think they're all going to be crowding tobacco stores??

Quit yer whining. The article also says the pub owner is saying goodbye to employee health benefits. Wait, wait. Your insurance company is willing to cover you when you allow your employees to work in an unhealthy environment, but now it won't when you are allowing them to BREATHE? That makes NO sense.

I'm personally tickled pink that I can go out now to restaurants and pubs and not come home smelling like an ashtray.


Bobby said...

Business to eateries and bars/clubs increased here after the smoking ban went into effect.

Anonymous said...

If 20% of Ohioans smoke then 20% of restaurants, bars, and bowling alleys should be allowed to be smoking venues.
Since tobacco is a LEGAL and HEAVILY taxed product then there should be places SMOKERS can meet also.
The State should not be totally smoke free nor smoke allowed.

FroneAmy said...

Obviously this idiot isn't from Ohio or they would know there ARE places smokers can meet. They're called tobacco stores. Or their own homes. QUIT WHINING.

FroneAmy said...

Furthermore, smoking and cigarettes weren't made illegal. Smoking in public places was. Keep buying your smokes, ANONYMOUS, and killing yourself. In case you forgot elementary school math, 80% outweighs 20%, and we voted against allowing assholes like you to kill other people. Grow a pair, and quit whining. Oh wait, I forgot, tobacco kills brain cells and shrinks your testicles.

Anonymous said...

The 80% also agreed to let the 20% pay for stadiums, arenas, the Arts in Cuyahoga county, and soon for a soccer complex in Summit county, by way of a "SIN" tax. That sounds fair to Me. By the way, I AM A NONSMOKER! Make it ILLEGAL, no sales, no taxes. Let Everyone pay more taxes on every item purchased in Ohio.
Ohio...Place for Hypocrites

FroneAmy said...

Quit whining. You've got something to say about the laws and taxes, say it at the polls. Your earlier post is whining that smoking is legal therefore we should let them pollute everyone's lungs. Now you're saying we should make it illegal. I think you're just looking for someone to whine to. Send a letter to your congressman. He probably wants to hear it more than I do.